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Once upon a time before social media, before the makeup artistry boomed into the mainstream, there was a beautiful young woman named Sonia Valencia, walking around with the most-fierce eye winged eyeliner that you have ever seen. Yes, she is that girl! SkysOcean was so excited that we were able to meet such a talented social media influencer, that knows a lot about beauty and even more about keeping your skin looking tight. All while keeping it real. Her advice is crucial to us ladies who are 40 and over. Her technique shows us the proper way to put on makeup and take care of our skin. This isn’t just a regular interview for us, meeting Sonia proved that she isn’t only a makeup artist, but that she is genuinely a beautiful person inside and out. We are not just saying this, you can actually see for yourself by following her and viewing her during her lives on Tic Toc and Instagram. I guess you can officially call SkysOcean; passion seekers, because every time we get to interview someone as great as Sonia, we get more excited to meet the next person. (All photos taken from Sonia's social medias.)

How did you start creating such a fabulous page?

A lot of the videos and a lot of the posts that I share actually originate from "Tic Toc" and carry over to my "Instagram" account. When I first went on "Tic Toc" there are a lot of people that create videos, like make up hacks and all that type of stuff, but there weren’t a lot of people that were older. So, there’s a couple that do it, but I think I’m probably the most honest out of all of us. I’m more of myself on here, so it's not like I’m a fake it to make it kind of person. So, I’m real blunt with it and the "Your welcome bitch"... it’s not even bitch its "beech". Yeah, I added that because, I did a Live and then, I was like you welcome, you welcome and I said, "You welcome beech". Then I ended several videos with that and If I don’t end it people are like where is that. I’m waiting for that.

That’s your catch phrase right there. You have to do it all the time.

I have to do it all the time now, it’s my signature now. I think a lot of people get attracted to it, because when you hang out with your friends, you call each other certain things and when I do Live a lot of people tell me the reason that I like you is because it’s kind of like listening to one of my friends. Another thing is my hair. A lot of people think I color my hair, but this is actually my natural gray hair and I let it grow out when I was 36. It was just super high maintenance to maintain the roots, because my original hair color is black, and I just let it do it’s own thing.

It works for you.

I think grey hair equals old, and a lot of woman are afraid to just embrace their gray. And it’s fine, there are some people that can and some people that won’t, you know what I mean. It’s just basically up to you and your beauty standards.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from just the way that I grew up. I wasn’t handed anything. I was a teen mom when I was 15 and my mom kicked me out. So, I kind of raised myself, but I get my inspiration from people that support me honestly. So, when it comes to makeup and stuff, it’s just the girly side of me, because I have four boys. There’s no woman in my house, I’m the queen of the castle. So, when you are like that, your inspiration actually just comes from your children and yourself. And basically, that’s what motivates you to keep going and inspire other people.

Especially since I look different from somebody else. A lot of times I usually get good feedback from people and there are times that I get negative feedback from people and it’s just the way you handle things with life. So, if you grow up in a certain type of way and somebody else grows up in a different type of way, inspiration comes from everywhere. From different things. My inspiration came from just me working hard.

A lot of things don’t inspire me I must say, a lot of things don’t motivate me, but my kids do. My kids are a lot older, my youngest is 16 and my oldest is 26. So, I’m kind of in the stage of my life that I have time for myself now. Before, I didn’t have time for myself, because you know you are busy dealing with kids, dealing with teenagers. I have three older kids that are in their 20’s. My youngest is 16, so they’re going to be soon out of the house. What are you going to be inspired by, if it’s only going to be you and your husband? So, you have to inspire yourself, and makeup is part of that. Being creative is part of that. Finding things that you enjoy doing is part of that. So, it’s just all around your environment and who you are with. I’m the type of person that doesn’t have many friends. I’m very blunt and I keep my circle small. So, I move by vibes and energy. So, if I meet you and I don’t like you, I would never like you!

Can you relate a connection in your childhood to what you are doing today?

When I was younger, like I mentioned earlier, I was a mom. So, back then I was 15 and I was really into makeup. I loved makeup and I was naturally good at it. If that makes sense. Like I could see somebody and I would be like, you know what I like that eyeshadow, but I would do it a little bit different. So, I would be creative when it came to that. I didn’t actually copy what exactly they did, but I was inspired by that look and I would do it my way. I always did a really good cat eye when I was younger. I’m good at a winged eyeliner. It doesn’t take me that long to do it, I do it in seconds. And so now when I was in my 20’s my kids got a little bit older and I couldn’t afford a lot of the good makeup, so I stayed with the makeup I used when I was a teenager. Which was Wet and Wild. Wet and Wild is affordable it was easy to use. NYX was good too. In my 20’s I was single. Then my makeup was a little bit different, it was a little bit more dramatic. I didn’t add the eyelashes until I was in my 30’s. Which I also added drama, smoky eyes, lashes, contours, everything you name, I did that.

When I turned 40, I noticed that I got fine lines. A lot of the techniques that I was doing in my 30’s wasn’t working in my 40’s. It’s all about placement. And you have to figure out placement where it looks better, where it looks lifted and that’s what I try to do now. I help with placement. Placement and skin care go hand and hand, I started getting into skincare in 2016. I used to have like a basic skincare routine, now it’s more of what my skin actually needs. So, that’s what I always tell people. You need to figure out what your skin recipe is. That way if your skin care is good, your makeup application is going to be bomb.

What is one of your number one questions?

A lot of times the number one question I get, is about Botox and fillers; "What do you think about that?", and I just tell them, currently right now I don’t want to do that, but if you choose to do that then you can do that. I’m all for woman empowerment and whatever you decide to do with your body is your business. However, I’m not doing that right now, until I need it.

So that’s what inspired me to start hosting videos on Tic Toc and it’s helped during Covid. I worked during Covid, so when I would come home, we couldn’t do anything. Everything was closed. So, I started posting on Tic Toc and I posted this one video and that’s probably how you found me. One video and it was about concealing.

I just said; are you 40 and up, do you have creasing problems, a girls got you. And I showed the placement of how 40, 50 and 60 year old’s needed to do it and I got 2.9 million views and it like changed it.

Wow, that’s amazing.

That’s what happened and I get a lot of offers from people that want me to sell their product. However, I’m the type of woman that if the product is not good, I’m not going to post about it. There are people in the Tic Toc world that post whatever to make money and I’m not that type of way. I’m in a good space where I don’t need it, but I’m also good at looking at every product to say, okay if I do not like it then I’m not going to recommend it. If they send me products and I don’t like it, I let them know that I don’t like it and won’t promote it. A lot of times they say, you know what, we respect that and that they rather I tell them then post it as a bad review and ruin their life. So, I don’t do that. Some people do that and say, this make up sucks and their are ruining a small business.

I agree.

Yes, because you don’t know what it took for them to start and then if you give them constructive criticism and tell them what they need to work on. Let them work that out and if they make another product and send it to you, then you can post it if it’s better.

I see it a lot and I’m just not like that, because I know what it takes and how much money it cost to invest in a small business and you kind of don’t want to do that to people.

Who is your idol in this business?

I really don’t look up to any other artist, however I am the type of person that can see makeup on someone and admire their style. I didn't look up to celebrities. I just admire the people around me and I would ask what eyeshadows or products did you use and I would incorporate that into my own style. So, I don’t have someone that I look up to, where I want to be that person. It was more like people around me that I was like, you know what, I really like that girl’s makeup.

Now, when it comes to celebrities that I think that are beautiful and I think that are bomb, JLo has the best fashion and makeup hands down. I just feel like she’s the package of everything. And of course, Selena, Selena just had that red lip. That red lip and the way that she was, was amazing.

My niece gifted me lipsticks from the MAC collection that was created in her honor.

Yes, that collection was great, and I got it, but her second collection that came out this year with the red matte lip. That is the best red lipstick that is meant for everybody’s skin tone. It’s called simple Selena by Mac. You need that in your life. When you offered to FaceTime with me for this interview, I was like, yes! What a great way to connect. I haven't done many like this. Yes, because you want to see their personality and how someone is in person. Now that make up is such a phenomenon, what challenges do you think are out there? I think the only thing and it's going to die out, is contouring. You think so? Yes, contouring is only good for people that are camera ready and taking photo shoots. Contouring is not for every day. Actually bronzing is. I think that bronzing is going to come back and a double leaned eye liner is going to come back. You'll probably see it soon. Just a natural skin type of makeup is going to come back. Just that natural Aliyah’s look, you know, just that natural beauty. It’s just going to be like the 90's again. You watch, you’ll see it.

I actually hope contouring will die. I feel like a lot of people think that they need to contour on a regular basis and baking needs to go away too. Baking around your eyes. Especially if you are 40’and up. Powders are not good for your skin. It causes more creases and the powder just sits on there. So a more natural makeup will come in and a good eye brow. Speaking of eyebrows, I’ve seen some weird ones that are like painted on. Tell me what do you think? Eyebrows, I think the trend microblading and tattoos are popular now as well. I think microblading would probably help a lot for woman who are 40 and up, because we lose a lot of our hair and it gets thinner. So, microblading will give you that lift for your face that you actually need. And it’s a game changer, because you don’t have to do your eyebrows all the time. As for myself, I just kind of fill in where my eyebrows need to get filled in, because when it comes to microblading that’s semi-permanent and you lose some of the pigment in there. I have to microblade, because in the 90’s I over plucked. I have those really thin eyebrows and it just stopped growing in some areas. Eyebrows-are definitely coming back, the thicker the better. You’ll see a lot of laminating eyebrows, which means that they put the wax on to make a fluffier eyebrow and shaggier. It gets better with time, because when I did my eyebrows it was just a regular micro blade. Now, they have all kinds of stuff. Like the girls that are doing it now are creative, they will hook you up. What kind of feedback are you getting back from your followers? Most of the feedback that I get is 98% positive. I get a lot of; "You changed my life." and I say, I didn’t change your life I just changed the placement of your makeup. They are like "No, you changed my life, because I have more confidence... More confidence to let my gray hair grow out...more confidence to cut my hair and when it comes to my makeup application you saved my life." I do my Lives on Tic Toc and Instagram as well and most of the time that’s what they tell me, you can read my comments section too. My negative feedback is; When are you going to dye your gray hair... when are you going to grow your hair out?". Also the assumption of my sexual orientation or I get a lot of, "Well, if you are not a makeup artist, why do I have to listen to you?", and I say, you don’t have to listen to me. I’m not telling you to. So, there's a lot of whys in that percentage. I have really great comebacks, but most of it is super positive and yeah they love me. Yes we do love you Sonia!! Are there other talents that you have that you would like to tell us. On Tic Toc, I give skin care recipes, I give makeup tips and I also do handbag reviews. A lot of people that want to buy pre-loved designer handbags, I can get those. The bags are genuine/authentic designer bags; Louis Vuitton & Gucci. I support small businesses. I do one on one zooms and I charge a fee for one on one consultations. I will be on YouTube soon as well. Being business savvy, is supporting others and I like to use this platform to give that. What made you say yes to SkysOcean?

I love the mother daughter businesses. What do you think is the biggest mistake that the makeup industry is doing today? How do you feel about Kim Kardashian promoting her makeup business during Covid? People always have to make money. When it comes to the makeup business people just slap their name on the products and make it their own. For example, Kim Kardashian messed up, she should have done contour when it first came out. The contour started with the drag queens, they used it to emphasize their faces. That's where it came from, but what I'm saying is Kim should have done a makeup line before her sister Kyle. People would have been more convinced when it comes to her products. A lot of makeup brands are going to skin care and I think that they should stick to the makeup. You will see, if you go to a drug store you will see Ammonic acid, vitamin c-serum and primers. Meanwhile, a primer is really not needed, it's just the prepping of your skin that is the most important. I think a lot of people think they need eye creams, but you do not need eye creams. That's just a marketing tactic and many are getting brainwashed on what they need to use. Basically, you just really need a really good cleanser, moisturizer and a SPF. If you have high pigmentation, like sun spots, you need to apply your sunscreen a lot more and you need a vitamin C. That's all you need. Also, in the nighttime a double cleanse, its super important, because you have to take that sunscreen off, because if you don't, you will get acne or irritation of the skin.

Hopefully, contouring goes away. People are getting into bronzers now and anti-aging. "It Cosmetics" did it, everybody needs to follow "It Cosmetics". That brand is made for ages 40 and up. Their foundations has SPF in it and they have CC/BB creams that will help. So, when it comes to the industry, they are just selling products that you really don't need.

The fast 5

3 Things you have to have in your bag?

Lipstick, mascara and eyelash curler and SPF.

A piece you must have in your closet?

The best item is a blazer, it’s always usable you can change it up.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Favorite island?

I’ve never been on an island, but if I were to go it would be Puerto Rico.

Favorite candy?


We loved this interview!!! Thank you, Sonia! Sonia is an inspiration to all women. Her high spirit and energy is contagious. Thank you guys for passing by and please don't forget to subscribe and follow us on IG: SkysOcean1 and our other social media pages. You guys can also follow Sonia on all of her social medias below.

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