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Hey everybody! Thank you for stopping by our page.

 We love visitors.

SkysOcean is created by Skylar Jade & Elsie, when we first started we wanted to create a website full of energy and lots and lots of love. We are a quaky mother daughter team, who enjoy the journeys of life and continue to learn every day about everything!  We enjoy meeting new people and listening to their stories, as well as creating our own stories. SkysOcean is based on us, but it also has a little bit of something. Much like us. I, Elsie is am photographer, and marketing expert. I am friendly and motivated to explore. I also coordinate events. I love photography,  my main focus is on love shoots. Skylar loves reading, singing, researching intense subjects and is always drawing these phenomenal characters. We are working on a book together, hopefully it will by mid next year. I used to read to her since she was in my belly, but now I enjoy listening to her read out loud. Hopefully we can update our Youtube channel soon, where we can review our books and our experiences.

I guess you can call us passion chasers, meaning we love meeting and interviewing people that have the drive and motivation to strive in their  professions or even life for that matter. By reading our stories, you would probably laugh with us, cry with us, dance with us or just enjoy our work. We believe in spreading love and laughter waves everywhere we go.

Some of you may relate and some probably won’t and that’s okay.

Tell us your story, everybody is somebody.

We also love animals.

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             Copyright of SkysOcean.

Designed by Skylar Jade Fabien


             Copyright of SkysOcean.

Designed by Skylar Jade Fabien