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5 Couples Tell Us About the Most Memorable Moment Of Their Wedding Day.

Everyone that knows me best, knows that I love everything about weddings. So you know that I'm in the sky with the stars as I'm writing this blog. I myself started as a Flower Girl, then a Bridesmaid (like ten times), a Maid of Honor and til today, I am an Events Coordinator, Photographer and Officiant. What can I say, the whole idea of two people finding each other is just so romantic to me. Plus the weddings, so many weddings! Weddings are great, but marriages take work and lucky enough for us, these 5 couples are able to tell us years later, what was the most memorable moment of their wedding day. I assure you that you would love this blog as much as I do, because their descriptions of that moment kind of makes you feel the magic of their love today.

Jordan and Paulette Fabien

"Our wedding speeches toasted by our loved ones, was one of our most memorable moments at our wedding. Hearing our closest family and friends, recount the times we've spent together and the love and bonds that we've built, was very special to us, but having it said with those attending the wedding allowed the specialness to be shared with everyone".

Photo credit: Mike Nakhla

Alan and Amy Hoepelman

"Our favorite moment of our wedding, was when we said our vows to each other. We were both vulnerable at that moment. There was no cell phone, no text messaging, just us looking into each others eyes. It was hard to do, having an audience while you are confessing your love, but we kept our composure and now we are here."

Photo credit: Courtesy of Alan & Amy

Gregory & Milady Piotrowski

"When we did the actual tying the knot "hand binding ceremony" it solidified our relationship emotionally and spiritually". On the beach in Fire Island".

Photography by Elsie Hernandez

Jordan and Rohita Land

"Our favorite moment of the wedding was our first kiss as a married couple. We walked down the aisle after the ceremony and all of our guests threw flowers in the air while we kissed and they cheered us was truly magical and then to have the photographer catch it, was quite amazing and special".

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jordan and Rohita Land

Paul & Olga Meys

"It was the moment that you took this picture of us, while I was on the swing. Paul pushed me off guard and I wasn’t holding on and I fell back a little. My dress went all the way up over my head and you captured that moment. That's my favorite wedding picture. Our smiles in that picture say a thousand words. I have to say, that’s our favorite memorable moment and there are quite a few, but that one is our first choice of all. Just thinking about it, that moment was absolutely perfect, when Paul didn’t let me fall".

Photography by Elsie Hernandez

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