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Actor/Artist Jonathan Adam Oritz Speaks About Making the Magic Happen in Interview with SkysOcean

Jonathan Adam Ortiz Photographer/Actor/Comedian/Motivational Speaker

You meet fascinating people, but not all of them are like Actor/Artist Jonathan Adam Ortiz, who has a personality that brightens up anyone’s day. I must admit, his motivational clips that he often posts on his Instagram stories are simply upbeat and fun to watch every day. A businessman, yet very funny, creative and let's not forget talented. Jonathan is no stranger to capturing an audience, between his own event company “Live Out Loud Production, Inc.” and photography/film business "Hollow Lens", his creative talent is spreading. Right now, their hot on the scene, and he is the one to watch. With so many photographers out there, it is always best to have one that has a personality that makes you feel like a superstar and a friend all at the same time. I was so happy to get the chance to interview Jonathan, because we follow passion and that’s exactly what we got from this interview. (All photos and video are a courtesy of Jonathan Adam Ortiz)

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Brooklyn and during my teen years we moved to Queens, where I was then raised. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican and that's probably why I like good food and great music. I'm pretty adventurous, spontaneous and I just love life, including the love for animals.

Where do you get your motivational ideas from?

I get my motivational ideas from the world around me. I love to create, to inspire and to build a place where the imagination can run wild and the creativity can flow freely.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer (artist), an actor, comedian?

Photography came to me when I was a little boy, my mom bought a Polaroid camera and asked me to capture special moments and things that my eye can see. I'm a managers manager, so it's only natural that I like to collaborate with other artists. So, I'm an agent, creator and director. I also pursue acting and that also came to me earlier in my life, because of the environment I was in. Growing up watching my favorite shows on TV, with Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Wil Smith, which also kind of feud the comedic part in me. I kind of wanted to do the same thing.

What other talents do you have, that you also enjoy doing?

By combining our talents my team and I work on marketing for other artists and that came into play when I realized that a lot of people don’t actually have a representative, but have amazing ideas. They just don’t know how to get it out. So, I figured that I would be the voice of the people and help them create their dreams, while also making my dreams come true

Who's your favorite artist and why?

One of my favorite artist is JayZ. He is truly a Cinderella story. A man who came from nothing and made it into something and allows you to envision his story and live out his truth. My favorite actor is Will Smith, because the way he takes on an acting role, the steps he takes to prepare and how he then embodies the character, is truly mythical.

When do you know your positive energy is spreading? That you have connected with your audience.

​Well, because of the feedback and the network that I'm building. I'm watching it grow before my own eyes and we are hot right now and on a whole new level. We are working with celebrities, people are watching, connecting through commenting, calling and reaching out and just loving the videos.

What advice do you give a teenage kid that wants to be an artist?

Through life’s ups and downs, you can find beauty, because the struggle is real, but through persistence, reaching your goals and obtaining your dreams is all the reason why we hustle hard. We always treat our first as if it was our last. What makes a diamond is depression.

With so much chaos in the world today, what beauty do you see in America?

That people are still doing. There are still people that believe in love, in connecting, in dreaming, in creating a future, a legacy and a dream.

What is life to you?

Life to me is about not only making your dreams come true, but also making other individual's dreams come true. By leaving that imprint, that would create a legacy for years to come and just watching the magic happen. Seeing how your work, your energy, your vibe changes other people's lives. Living, loving and creating.

Do you have any projects we should be looking out for?

We are working on several promos for celebrities at the moment. Between Farrah Abraham, an upcoming project that we are about to drop with World Star featuring Jay Garcia, Mayhem and Tikashi69, putting together a project for NY Giants football player John Cassillas and other team players, we are working. Also the coordination of upcoming events and comedy shows with "Live Out Loud, Inc. It's non-stop.

I thank you for forwarding me the opportunity to share a bit of myself and my story and to SkysOcean for connecting with the people in allowing us the opportunity to be great and also inspire others.

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