• Elsie Hernandez

Aka "Chinese Apple"

When I was a little girl my dad used to come home with a few of these unique red round

fruits that he picked up in Chinatown and we would love to break it apart and it eat it’s

deliciously tart-sweet seeds. Chinese Apple (aka. Pomegranate) we used to call it, but I

never knew why and probably can’t tell you why today. I just know that we enjoyed to

eating them everywhere around the house, it was like an addiction this time of the year

almost like the same feeling you get for sunflower seeds during the summertime. The

seeds are a bloody red color and the redder they were when you open them the more

delicious they are. I chose this one yesterday. Yummy!

According to the myths calling these exotic fruit "Chinese Apple" might be just a New York

thing, I even saw on several websites that it's British English for pomegranate, but the

truth is I have no idea and have accepted that it’s just one of those things you may never

know. For me it’s a childhood memory that connects me to my dad, siblings.

Needless to say pomegranates have been more popular on the market today and the

supermarkets are selling them packaged and all. I for one rather buy the fruit itself,

because like anything else it takes away from the fun of prying this exotic fruit open

yourself. Another great fact about this fruit is that it is considered a Super Food. This

makes me happy because I have to I love them and am happy that they are more than just

a memory for me today.

According to


We can benefit from this fruit. Several advantages of pomegranates is that it helps with

curing some of the health problems mentioned such as stomach disorders, heart

problems, Cancer, dental care, Osteoarthritis, Anemia, diabetes and other benefits.

I love this fruit so much that like everything else I'm passionate about I was talking to my

co-worker Stefania who is also like me and happy to know a little about the Turkish

history. Being the research wiz that I am I found so much more about this fascinating fruit

that I thought would be interesting to share. My beautiful co-worker Stefania is like this

amazing art student who forever channels my ideas and inspires me to keep going, She's

as passionate as I am about everything! Talking to her about this fruit she geared me to

the history and it's as fascinating as the fruit itself.

According to


Pomegranates are considered not also healthy but are symbolic

and have rich history.

Some may believe that it wasn't an apple that Adam and Eve ate that it was a

Pomegranate. Take a look at at the website it's very interesting and go out and and get a

"Chinese Apple".

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