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Amazing Interview with Music Artist Michael Luna

Michael Luna

With a voice and talent like Michael Luna's, you are sure to always have him listed on your playlist. His music is hot! With already a few albums under his belt and another one on it's way, Michael produces music, that you can get addicted to. Great talent, great sounds, that are sure to travel through the world, creating good vibes wherever it touches. Something, I believe that we have been missing for a long time. I'm sure you would agree, that he doesn't only have a beautiful unique voice, but that his work is creative. This interview has been an honor and we look forward to following Michael's success. (All photos and videos are a courtesy of Michael Luna.)

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I grew up in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, right outside of Atlantic City. I love my area. It’s true when they say there’s no place like home. A few music producers have made it out of this area and I know the next wave will be from the artists housed in this area . When did you know you were talented and who or what inspired you to go for it? So, I grew up in a family band, put together by my father, who is an amazing musician. My older brother Ej Luna plays on the drums and my twin brother Vincent Luna plays on the bass. Vince, now is my producer for “LunÁtic” (pronounced Lu NAH tic) and it's what he goes by. I guess it wasn’t about knowing I’m talented, it was just falling in love with creating music and the art. Going for it, began during my high school years. I put together a team, with my two best friends, my brother and Kev Decor. We sorta just started striding, it wasn’t like a decision of me wanting to just do this. It was more of just doing. Kev is now in LA and LunÁtic is placing records with an established artist. I will keep creating and putting music out, connecting and networking as long as I live.

What do you want people to get from your music? You know, there are many things I would love for the people, fans, friends and family to gather from my music. Sometimes, its my diary and my story is what I want the people to know more of, but then it's their diary most times, because if they are listening, they are relating. So, I would love for people to gather what ever makes them feel good from my music. Most importantly make them love more. How do you deal with the competition? So much talent in the art of music. For me there aren’t any rules. Comparison, I try to stay blind of it. I like to take notes and learn from who I feel are the most inspiring. Whether it's their writing, production, video, or even work ethic. What is life to you? Love! Man that is bold, ha ha.

Name one place that you would love to perform? Madison Square Garden and when I do, I have to bring out my Dad on stage!

Name one of the best places you have performed? Last summer, my team and I put a tour together. To be honest the side of my mom's house, was one of the first tour stops. When I say this was a backyard show, it's an UNDERSTATEMENT!! It was JUMPIN!

What else do you love to do? I have recently gotten into videography and I enjoy directing my own music videos. As well as editing and shooting for clients and local businesses. I also like business a lot. Anything business related I enjoy and of course, spending as much time as I can with my friends and family.

Who's your favorite artist and why? I have a lot of favorite artists, I am inspired by. I have to say, Bruno Mars currently holds that #1 spot for me. He and his team are just masters. They stick together, which I love and create content with passion. It just feels good! In a world that's so full of chaos, right now, what do see that's beautiful? Passion. I see a lot of passion. I think that's a beautiful thing.

Which artists have your worked with? Who would you love to collaborate with? I have had the pleasure of working with Audio Push. They are a very dope set of guys. Emilio Rojas, Brian Angel of R&B Supergroup, Day 26, Shallo Mac, JstJu, MK Perez, Nancy Malcun, and Kev Decor, but the list goes on. I plan on getting work done with Jon Bellion, Ginette Claudette, and of course my man Bruno Mars. That just sounds dope, Mars and Luna on a record

Are you working on any new projects that we should be looking out for? Yes, Yes and Yes! I should be releasing my 3rd project this year in August-September. A lot of music videos and hoping in the near future to get back on stage.

We loved this interview. Michael's music is amazing and his words are inspirational. Look out for him! We look forward to following his success!!

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