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Amazing Interview with Stand Up Comedian Davey Lozano

This is an incredible time to be a Stand up Comedian and Davey Lozano is brave enough to bring it on. This fun-loving dad is possibly the funniest guy you could ever meet, with his on the spot impressions and impeccable sense of style, Davey is truly one to remember. Like many comedians in their path, he made his debut at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY, where he faced the most brutally honest crowd in America. Especially, when that clown comes out dancing on stage with that hook to pull you out when you are being booed. The pressure is huge. However, Davey pushed through and won the hearts of the audience, making him a first place winner. He also has some upcoming shows that are sure to be absolutely entertaining. You can see the flyers below. This interview has been so much fun!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Davey Lozano

How did you know you wanted to become a comedian? It came more from people telling me I should be one. I always loved comedy, but didn’t think I could do it until friends encouraged me and once I first got on stage, I knew I never wanted to leave. What inspires you to be funny? Something about laughter helps you get through anything. I love being a part of the reason for that.

Photo credit: courtesy of Davey Lozano

Where do you get your material from? Real life experiences, and also I do impressions, because I have had the ability to imitate people since I was a kid. What happens if they don't laugh? As a comedian, this can happen at anytime. No one is exempt from a joke not going over, no matter who you are. It’s like a sport, if you drop the ball, you pick it back up.

Video credit: Courtesy of Davey Lozano

How do you deal with hecklers? You have to address what they’re saying, and be prepared to give a clever response back at any given time. If the rest of the crowd likes you, they will stick with you.

What is life to you? Life is about the luxury of time you have. You never know how long you’re here for. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones, because they are the only ones who genuinely care about you.

Photo credit: courtesy of Davey Lozano

Name one of the best places you have performed? The Apollo Theater.

Video credit: YouTube Apollo Theater

Name one place that you would love to perform?

The Madison Square Garden. What else do you love to do? I love clothes and fashion. Putting outfits together or even helping someone else is satisfying to me.

Video credit: Courtesy of Davey Lozano

Who's your favorite comedian? Hardest question ever. Depends on when in my life. Growing up, I loved Martin Lawrence in the 90’s. The 2000’s, I loved Dane Cook. As far as today, Chris Rock is one of the best writers I’ve ever heard. My personal favorite at the moment though is Jo Koy.

Photo credit: courtesy of Davey Lozano

Who are you looking forward to work with one day? Kevin Hart sounds like such a cliché answer, but what he’s accomplished as a comedian is crazy. Working with him would bring you to a level every comedian dreams to be on, at least I do.

Check out Davey's upcoming events: June 23rd, July 20th & July 21st

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