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Brunch with Eve

With brunches becoming so popular in New York City, we are glad that we know someone like Eve Delgado. Someone that knows her way around a great brunch and can give us great tips on where to dine, but there's more to Eve then just being a brunch expert, Eve works with children throughout the year and is occasionally a talk show host. With two talk shows under her belt. As a matter of fact, that's how I met Eve, she interviewed me on her last show "Everything Eve", you can find the interview in our archives. I'm sure you will agree, that from Eve's inspiring interview that her "Brunches with Eve" reviews would make you want to join her, at every event that she hosts. (all pics provided by Eve)

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

First and foremost, I am a mother to two beautiful and intelligent daughters. My dedication to my hustle is truly because of them. I believe in inspiring women and working together to promote positivity in our community.

What inspires you to go on these brunches?

Growing up, my mother used to say food is the key to getting people together. Inspired by her tradition, I went out and tried it. Not to say, that I don’t enjoy eating and having a couple of mimosas, but what completes me is having people network. Getting to know a little about people, every time I go out and host a brunch is fulfilling!

Which are a few of your favorites?

Tosca Marquee, Casa Restaurant & Lounge, Cabo, Havana Cafe, and Mamajuana Cafe, all located in the Bronx.

What makes you want to host at a restaurant?

The ambience and service is so important to me. If it makes me feel good when I’m there, then it’s a possibility that I would want to host there. What makes a good brunch unique?

Honestly, the food for sure and of course the service is important! However, a themed one makes it unique. What tips can you give someone that is planning on going to a brunch?

Get there on time to get the best of you’re unlimited or bottomless service!

What's the best thing that you have to have at a brunch?

I love me some Steak and Eggs! What are the challenges you may face at a brunch?

The competition is real! There was a time, when brunch was a “Sunday thing” or a “Hangover Remedy”, but now every restaurant is hosting brunches on Saturdays and Sundays.

Typically what time is a brunch?

It depends on the establishment. but the majority of the restaurants are from 12pm- 6pm

What's your favorite food of choice?

Steak and Eggs!!

What other talents that you have, that you love to do?

Besides hosting, I work for the Board of Education and I love working with children!

I am also a writer and a radio host.

What is life to you?

Life to me is not just existing. We have to live in the moment and appreciate what surrounds us. Life is my daughters, giving, sharing and being humble!

In a world of full chaos, what do you find beautiful in America today?

I find that there are still kind and loving people in America! Do you have any upcoming projects that we should know about? I am hosting Happy Hour every Friday at Made in PR (SoBro)on the Bruckner from 4pm-8pm.

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Restaurants mentioned:

Made in PR (SoBro)

Tosca Marquee

Casa Restaurant & Lounge, NYC


Havana Cafe

Mamajuana Cafe