• Elsie Hernandez

"Dance Mom’s" Hhmmm

Sky has recently been watching “Dance Mom’s” on YouTube, I have to say that I never really watched the show before, until now that I’ve been listening to it. So I decided to watch a few episodes with Sky and have to say watching the show upsets me. Yet, it’s on its seventh season, so the audience is sucking up this stuff. I asked Sky why does she like this show and she said she loves the drama. Now if you know Sky, you already know she is a little actress in her own right, so I’m not sure if this show is going to last long on her internet viewing list.

I’m all for competition because it’s healthy for a child to learn about winning and losing in order to succeed in life, but this show is not my cup of tea. Growing up in Brooklyn, I know what it is to play with the kids on the streets and often going home to cry my eyes out because I wasn’t good at some kind of sport, but nothing is perfect. However, on this show the girls seem to be under so much pressure with a coach named Abby, whom by the way I don’t even think she can dance herself. Then there's the mothers who are in constant battle among each other. The show is just so nerve wrecking and the girls are always at that coach’s mercy. On the flip side the show demonstrates hard work and perseverance, but at no cost of course. There is constant yelling, bashing of self-esteems, mothers at each others throats and the girls sometimes don’t even want to dance. Sky and I would never survive in that type of environment, because I have no tolerance for mean people and have a faster breaking point then these ladies seem to have. I mean dance is beautiful and what makes it more beautiful is when you love doing it. Of course like anything else it comes with constant training and performances, but let’s get serious as human beings we should have our limits on how much pressure our children need to be in and we really should just let them enjoy their childhood.

To be honest I think there’s more to the show then this, Abby is probably the sweetest woman you would ever meet, the girls probably don’t have it this bad and the mothers are probably......wait I think there probably is some truth to the mothers catty characters, after all they are in competition. :)

photo by my lifetime

Dance Mom’s airs on the channel and is on it’s 7th season.

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