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David Adam Kurz Puts The Power In Motivation

Everybody needs a motivator like Real Estate Broker David Adam Kurz of the Award Winning Kurz Real Estate. With his drive for the real estate business, uprising success and let’s not forget his dapper appearance, you can never miss out. David is very passionate about pushing people to be their best, not only in business, but also in life. His go-getter attitude and love for life encourages you to bring out your perseverance and abilities, that you may have hidden deep inside, craving to come out to the world. If he is anything, he is that person that can inspire you to make that move. Along with the growth of his success, he has a great team and talk show full of great advice. David is developing relationships that would make him a legend in this industry. What a great interview! Full of power and memorable words.  (all photos courtesy of David Adam Kurz)

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am a Puerto Rican kid from the Bronx, New York, where I was raised by my mother and step father until I was around 14 years old. Then, my mom and I moved to Miami until I turned 19 and decided to join the United States Marines, where I served 9 years. While I was serving, I earned my BA in Business and MBA in International Business. I  started in Real Estate in 2005 and fell in love.  I am now the Broker/ Owner of Kurz Real Estate.  A 2 year old award winning company that is now considered to be one of the fastest growing companies out of Miami.

With your office and team, own radio show, upcoming popular events, what motivates you to keep going in the Real Estate business?

I love the business.  Honestly, I have a passion for Real Estate and I have a passion for coaching and teaching.  That gives me the drive to be on multiple platforms giving content on real estate.  I love my team.

When did you know that you wanted to get into the Real Estate business? When did you know you wanted to start a show?

My cousin suggested I get into Real Estate, because I had a gift.  My gift was the ability to speak to anyone at any time and then convince them on my views.  So, selling would come naturally. I started my show, because I understood content and exposure would be the key for our growth.  We had that mentality as a team and it spread to our brokerage. 

What kind of connection do you think you are getting with your audience?

I feel like my audience is strong and we connect at high levels.  I often hear this from the people watching or listening.  I feel like we connect because of the content I continue to provide.  

What's the difference between selling Real Estate in Miami, verses New York. 

Price, professionalism and environment.  New York sells to mostly end users that are working in New York.  Miami has a huge mix of end users and 2nd home owners. Miami is a destination for business, culture, vacation and so much more.  We have so much to offer and its up to us to really get the message out there. 

Are there other talents that you have and enjoy doing?

I often joke that I don't have any other talents.  I am good at working.  I am great at selling.  I love public speaking.  I love teaching. I enjoy time off with my family and the occasional cigar. 

What projects are you working on, that we should look out for?

KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME!  We are working on massive growth at our office.  So expect for us to have a growth spurt and we will open additional offices.  We expect to be in Orlando by early next year as well.  We will also be working on additional shows, but I don't want to give too much away. I will also be building a massive coaching platform we will launch nationally. 

What is a dream project for you?

I want to build a massive conference that attracts thousands of agents from all around the world.  I want this conference to focus on business and Real Estate growth on every level. I also want to develop and hold Real Estate projects.  

What advice do you give upcoming real estate agents?

Join a company that relates with you.  Make sure they have massive coaching and training at high levels. With multiple layers of support from the broker and additional personnel.  It's imperative that new agents understand that this is a business and needs to be treated like one.  Don't get cocky and try and go for super high splits with zero experience.  You got licensed to sell real estate.  If you do not sell anything, split will never matter.  100% of $0 is $0.  

Who would you like to work with?

I would like to work with and collaborate with high level agents that are changing the industry.  I would like to build my office with amazing agents who take the business seriously and want to be a part of a Billion Dollar sales team. I love to collaborate with tech companies adding value to the real estate industry. 

What is life to you?

I don't know the answer to that.  My life is mine.  I share it with my family.  I believe in over providing for them and being the head of our household.  I believe that life is what you make of it and it may not always agree with other people.  You can not ever let other people interfere.  Life is living what you believe in at full and high levels. 

What are the challenges that you face as a real estate investor/seller?

The biggest challenge is understanding the market.  Knowing where to invest and be a student of the trade.  The other challenge is when sellers and investors try to do this with little or no guidance.  

In a world full of chaos, what beauty do you see in America today?

We live in a tough time right now.  Americans are not as proud as they once were.  Technology is at an all time growth.  America is leading the path for business and tech.  And its exciting.  America will always be beautiful to me in every way.  Enjoy our freedom.  

Kurz Real Estate, Corp is an award winning company.

Most recently being awarded Entrepreneurial Start Up of the Year by the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce 

Awarded the Most Innovative Marketing Award by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 

David Adam Kurz, the Broker and Owner of Kurz Real Estate was awarded 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents 

Awarded the Catalyst Award by the Millionaire Immersion Program 

We love this interview! Thank you David and we will be watching. Please follow David and listen to his show for great advice. Also if you need Real Estate it's obvious that with a leader like David that his team would go up and beyond for your search. Give them a call.  Also don't miss his radio show.

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