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"Draw My Life" Review

"Draw my Life Review

"Draw my Life" are fun to watch. I even got my mom watching it with me. "Draw my Life" is a show on YouTube where an artist draws animated caricature and narrates them in a fast paced three minute videos on a white board about their lives. Sometimes the things that they say are funny. To give you a little history, Wikipedia says that a musician named Bry was the one that invented “Draw My Life” and now it's very popular on the internet. I think this whole idea is really cool and I am always amused at all of the details. The illustrations look just like the celebrities and the sound effects are hilarious, because sometimes they don't even sound like them.

My favorite “Draw my Life” video is the one with Hillary Clinton. She tells a bit about her life while Donald Trump continuously interrupts her right from the start. It’s actually quite funny.

Another one of my favorites is the one with Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez. You can see them for yourself and tell me what you think.

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