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Fabulous Interview with Make Up Artist Ginger Rose

What makes Ginger Rose so fabulous. I can name a few things, one she's a mother, makeup artist and a hairstylist. She takes great pride in her work and gives amazing results. I first met Ginger Rose at a photo shoot, where she was exclusively hired to make over my friend who was the model. Since then we stayed connected and Ginger Rose has obtained her hair-styling license, got married, became a mother of two beautiful girls Madison and Nova Lynn and has worked on over 200 clients, who have great things to say about her work. I'm sure you will agree, that Ginger Rose is one of the many upcoming makeup artist that stands out with not only beauty, but also professionalism.

When did you know you wanted to do makeup and hair?

From when I can remember, I've literally been doing makeup since the age of five. As the only child, I lived in Queens with my grandparents. My grandmother had a vanity makeup table in her bed room and I literally remember it like it was yesterday, Playing with her eyes shadows and trying on lipsticks. I was always doing funky hairstyles and ponytails and I used to wear 100 butterfly clips in my hair. Oh, how we miss the early 90's. From that age on, I never put a makeup brush down.

It wasn't until High School, that I actually was able to wear makeup outdoors, simply wing liner and some eye shadow. I didn't need much makeup, but when I did my eye shadow, everyone in school would be obsessed. Fast forwarding a little bit to the age of 21, when I fell in love with Tyme the Infamous make-up artist, she makes YouTube videos and worked for Mac. Watching her just made a light bulb go on in my head, I started buying high end makeup like Mac, Anastasia etc. I started buying virgin weave and just started doing my own hair and makeup like every day. People would just stop me in the street and obsess over my hair and makeup. Then, I don’t remember who, but someone asked me to do their makeup one day and 6 years later I've done over 200 clients,

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Right now, my biggest inspiration for makeup is from makeup artist Amrezy (Amra Olevic). She started out just like me, she worked at MAC Makeup, started with a few IG followers and now she does colabs, red carpet events etc. As for hair, right now, my biggest inspiration is Tokyo Stylez, he makes custom wigs for celebrities like Kylie Jenner , Cardi B, Kim K, etc.

If you can work with a celebrity, who would you love to have as a client?

Lol, everybody, but if I had to pick, definitely Kylie Jenner would be my top pick. She’s young vibrant in the makeup game and has millions of followers.

With so many makeup brands out there which are your two favorites?

Right now I’m obsessed with Amrezy's Anastasia highlighter and makeup forever ,

Are you currently working with a company or are you independent?

At the moment, I freelance and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon.

​What are the challenges that you face in this business?

My biggest challenge in this industry is timing, timing is everything and I’m just waiting on mine ❤️.

What else are you working on that we should be looking out for?

Right now I’m in the works of getting back into the music industry, I'm going to be featured in some music videos and I'm also recording a few songs. As for makeup and hair, I’m actually working with a few other artists in the beauty industry and we are working on some makeup pallets and lashes.

What is life to you?

Life to me is living your best life , being true to yourself , reaching your highest potential and just always progressing ,

Who do you admire as a makeup artist?

I admire all the women all over the world , they inspire me to become a better me and never give up , woman run the world, we are so strong and powerful .

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