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Fascinating Interview with Lifestyle/Makeup/Hair/Fashion Vlogger Leah Allyannah

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Perseverant is the grand word to describe this intelligent young woman. With school, life and her continued success, Leah Allyannah manages to stay humble and remain beautiful inside and out. Enough to shine through on her YouTube channel, making connections with an audience throughout the world. You will certainly agree from reading this interview how fascinating Leah is. SkysOcean has been left in awe.

Photos taken from IG:leahallyannah

When we spoke earlier I learned that you have an interesting background of different cultures. Can you tell us what they are and how was it growing up in such a fascinating family?

Growing up it was interesting learning my different ethnicities because we all looked so different yet the same. I was born with straight hair, but when I turned twelve I learned that it was actually curly. My brother, Taylor has curly hair and my oldest brother Zachary has straight hair like my mother.

My mom is Indian and Guyanese, and my dad is Guyanese, Chinese, Indian, and black. When I was born I looked more Indian than I do now, many people wondered why I didn't look like my father. But as I started to grow up I looked more and more like my father, I have his curly hair and eyes.

How old are you?

Twenty, as of November 20th. (Oh wow, Scorpio like Skylar, Happy birthday!)

Describe your Youtube channel?

I make videos about Beauty + Lifestyle. I try to make my content very relatable and fun.

Why do you think you are so popular?

I do not think I'm popular, I'm rising but not popular. But if I had to answer id say it is because I keep it real. I speak about school, going to work, my insecurities and more.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Probably my past self. When I was younger I was so creative without even realizing it. Looking back now, I wish I was as creative as when I was 13. Youth Leah inspires me because she as open to doing so much.

Photos taken from IG:leahallyannah

What is life to you?

Life is a game.

What have been some of the challenges you have face in vlogging?

Deciding whether to show EVERYTHING or just showing the positive things.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is internal. If somebody has an ugly personality then they won't appear beautiful to me.

Photo taken from IG:leahallyannah

What advice can you give younger girls about beauty?

Everyone is made differently. Our idea of beauty is so broad. Everyone has to go through being insecure but my biggest advice would be to practice self love from a young age.

What has been one of the best experience of your career?

Definitely seeing brands that I love, falling in love with me too. And also meeting my subscribers which happens often on the street and always makes my day.

Photos taken from IG:leahallyannah

Are you working on any new projects that we should look forward to seeing?

I will be doing vlogmas featuring a special app soon :)

We loved this interview! Isn't Leah fabulous. Her vlogs are fun and very helpful, especially to the curly heads like Sky and myself. Thank you Leah!!!

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