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Fun interview with Frank of A&F Tires, Inc. Flat Fix

Usually, I have to travel a little bit out of the neighborhood to get my tire fixed, but on this day I was so happy to see that "A&F Tires, Inc" a flat fix spot just opened up. In a great location too! If you live in Glendale, Queens you can not miss these guys right on Cooper Avenue. Open for two months now, great customer service and trust me, it beats driving anywhere else. So, here I am with my interview. I had the opportunity to interview Frank who was very pleasant, but as Frank puts it Tito (Abraham) his cousin is the one that knows more about the tire industry and Frank holds down the fort. He is an expert in plumbing. However, Flat Fix isn't just your ordinary flat fix place, Frank and Tito also do oil changes and fix breaks. Not to mention that they also are involved with the community, Just last weekend they hosted a barbecue for the neighborhood kids and the church. These flat fix guys are the best in Queens.

What made you want to open a tire shop?

My cousin is the professional in tires and we made an investment and decided to just open one up.

So how difficult is it to fix a flat?

It is not a difficult job at all.

What are the challenges that you face in this profession?

Not really many challenges. If we do good here we will be opening another bigger location where we can fit more tires.

For a used tire the going rate is $35.00. For a flat tire patch it's $15.00 and the plug is $10.00.

What is life to you?

Everything is life.

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A&F Tires are located at 6929 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385 - 917-771-0600

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