• Elsie Hernandez

Heinz Ketchup

This beautiful little guy is adorable with his charming little face.

Meet Heinz Ketchup one of the cutest dogs in New York City. Heinz is three years old and was born in Portuguese. Heinz was first noticed in the streets of Portuguese by a woman who was on visit to the country. While having dinner she noticed Heinz in the middle of the street fighting for his life hoping not to get hit by traffic. Isabel, his owner says that the kindhearted woman scooped him up, followed the procedure to get him vaccinated and then brought him to New York City thankfully into Isabel’s arms. Heinz is really a great loving dog, she said. Her favorite thing about Heinz is that he is very protective without being mean about it. He tends to fend big dogs away from her by barking, but then quietly continues what he was doing prior to the protecting. At the doggy park he has two friends who he often plays with, a shibainu named Sushi and a poodle named Wolly.

Heinz has a really calm demeanor and loves his treats. He looks so happy and is pleasant to be around. Imagine how he felt once he was brought to a loving home. He’s also very intelligent as you can see from the video below. Isabel is also very incredible with him. She has patience and genuine love for her little mate and you can see the connection. She keeps him on a strict diet and shows him lots of love.

Just so you are aware, even though Heinz is a happy ending story, there are still so many animals that are suffering throughout the world. I won't predict numbers because the numbers increase every day and it is often sad what happens to these beautiful animals. Just by reading a few articles through a few websites and ending in tears, I know that this story is bigger than what it seems. Animals are precious and brought to this world to be loved. The sad part is that people forget how precious life is and they tend to neglect the fact that these animals can feel.

I have no connection with any of the websites linked below, but if they really are helping these animals I think it's worth spreading the news.