• Elsie Hernandez

How Sky and I Spent Memorial Day Weekend

How Sky and I Spent Memorial Day Weekend

Before I tell you how Sky and I spent celebrating our Memorial Day weekend, I liked to tell you what it truly means to us. As I spoke to one of the Veterans that fought in war, he spoke about how the a traditional observance is celebrated. He also spoke how many traditions were broken, like parades are shortened, cemeteries of our fallen heroes are neglected and most people no longer remember the proper flag etiquette for the day. This is true, however as an American I have an obligation to show Sky why we celebrate our freedom. So yes this weekend we had fun, but the meaning of the holiday did not go unnoticed and we honored those that served.

We spent the weekend honoring the veterans and celebrating our heroes. Starting with my stepson, Sky's brother Jordan, but that didn’t come until the following day. Jordan has always been a loving strong role model to many that have crossed his path, and most of all to his little sister Skylar. From football player to a graduate of Wesleyan College and now a soldier in the Army, honoring and celebrating his greatness is not hard at all and that's not just because I love him. On the first day of our rainy weekend we were happy to make it a movie day, where we watched the fun movie “Baywatch".

The movie was fascinating, funny and oddly enough full of silly heroes. Well fictional heroes and it was absolutely great to watch Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron on the screen. Some might say some of the scenes weren't for kids, but there's nothing in this movie that my eleven year old child has not learned about. She's growing up and it's funny because she pointed out what a sea urchin was to me. Apparently, she read about it in an interview with Taylor Swift, who is terribly afraid of these spiky creatures. Sky researches everything!!!

Then we stopped by Toys r Us so Sky can grab two Barbie dolls. The new additions; that now have a tall, curvy and petite selection. She already has a few added to her collection.

The next day we drove out to Portchester, CT where we met up with Jordan, his fiancée Paulette and her wonderful family for brunch. How fascinating was the Guatemalan food we tasted for the first time. The air was crisp and the dogs Marlow and Oliver were busy running around the yard. Glacier the other dog stood back in Ohio where Jordan is temporarily stationed. We had a great day! With enough time to head back home and spend time with my family and rest. On on our way home we played a game we made up called impersonations of the Disney royal characters. It's totally hilarious and entertaining.

On Memorial Day we continued the honoring by watching the Glendale/Ridgewood Veterans Parade in the rain. We stood in front of the “Secret Garden Flower and Arts and Craft Shop” with the owner Dorothy who proudly raised the American Flag along with her fiancé Kenneth and Skylar. The parade seemed to be shorter than usual, but we still enjoyed it.

Later in the afternoon we continued to celebrate with a few veterans, Dorothy and friends. By the end of the night we were exhausted. We hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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