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"I feel like history repeats itself.." says Tiffany Soto Roman, Fashionista/Retail Manager of Warm

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

We aimed for our first interview of 2019 to be to be full of positive fun energy and that's exactly what we got spending time with Tiffany Soto Roman, Fashion Stylist/Retail Manager of clothing store "Warm”. Some people can walk into a room and instantly put everyone at ease. Tiffany brings the sunlight, along with her descriptive words on life, that touches anyone like magic. Not only is she stunning, but she has genuine love for other human beings and is on a mission to improve the world around her. With her unique burst of style, incredible strength and free spirit combined, her vibes are contagious. I have to admit, I was happy to be a part of it for the moment. There aren’t too many people like Tiffany and to SkysOcean that's amazing! I'm sure you would agree, that this interview was very enlightening and absolutely inspirational. (All photos are the courtesy of Tiffany’s Instagram)

I have to mention, that this interview started off on a little adventure of it’s own. First, the coffee shop where we planned to sit and drink coffee was closed. So, we decided to make it a car ride interview, on our way to dropping off Tiffany to her sister's house. Then, I pull out and someone speeds up to get ahead of me, and that my friends was the first subject in the interview. Us laughing at a woman rushing into traffic, so I wouldn’t get the chance to come out of the gas station right away. "Some people just can’t do it. Some people, just don’t want to do it, they just don’t feel like giving others a chance", I said. Tiffany said, "yes, and I realize that now. I’m going to be 36 in a couple of weeks and it’s crazy, because I have realized that there are more mean people than kind people and only because all I do is practice kindness. I feel like, if you are sweet to someone it rubs them and maybe they will be sweet too, but I also realize it rubs people the wrong way. People are always telling me I’m giddy and I don’t know how to be any other way".

Tell us a little bit about your life and profession.

I am the Retail Director of a shop called "Warm", who have existed for over 6 years. I have been with them for three. The shop is owned and created by husband and wife, my bosses and their real life is about traveling, surfing and Hawaii, a little California and the seventies. So it’s a little mixture of everything. I started with a stock work position, became the top sales girl within 2 years and now I am the Retail Director of the entire store. It’s fun, it’s actually something I wanted to do all my life. (chuckles) I’ve always been into fashion. My boss is a designer and she has her own collection, sold at Barneys, various high end shops and now we have an online store for the brand itself. So, her shop came first, then she created a fragrance, now she has a brand and it’s beautiful. The shop is in downtown Manhattan in Lolita, right before China Town. It’s a brick and water small shop, it’s definitely a lifestyle. You come in and it smells good immediately. Everyone always comes and says it smells so good and it’s perfectly curated by the girls and I. You can touch everything including cashmere. It’s a luxury brand store, we carry a lot of French and Italian designers. So, it’s super Lux, but it still gives you that vibe ,where you can walk in and bring some friends. While you have a dressing room for two or three hours, try everything on and drink some champagne.

That's right you are also the model at "Warm".

Yes, I also try all the clothes on and have the girls try all the clothes on.

Where do you get your inspiration from, to put an outfit together?

I feel like History repeats itself. I feel like I get inspired to what already was. The seventies, the whole flower power era. The bell bottoms, the glasses, the aviaters. The nineties.

So you wear a lot of color, you have a pop of vibrancy in your wardrobe.

Yes, I love color!

Do you ever wear black?

I actually implemented a black suit, that I wore for New Years. That was my first time wearing all black and liking to wear all black and navy. I’ve never done that and I think it’s because I’ve been wearing so much color, that when I wear it now it feels a little bit more mature. I feel good an elegant silk gown, but I also feel good in my jeans and sweat shirts.

I know you also do yoga. Can you tell us about the affect you see in people when they start taking yoga? How do they change?

I feel like each person changes spiritually. Yoga is not really about moving and bending your body, it’s how you feel while you are doing it. It’s actually escaping your vessel for a moment. It’s actually about working on your inner self.

As I keep mentioning throughout this interview, you are so inspirational and I myself have posted on Instagram how you have that Goddess beauty about you. I can sense that you have that deep connection with the universe and your ancestry. What kind of connection do you feel you have.

I feel like I went through some trauma a couple of years back. I lost my aunt at the time and there was consistent drama after that and you know, with darkness comes a little bit of light. However, I feel like instead of a little bit, I received a lot of light within myself and the only thing that kind of feels good to me is to share that in a positive way. Everyone gets sad, people get into depression and it’s so easy to unpack and live there. I have never been that person. Throughout my life I have overcome my challenges, but this was a short dark moment, that I think was for me. Moving on from that, I feel like I need to shed some light.

So, are you planning to create a page for the people to learn from your experiences, a lot of people need to learn?

It’s funny that you ask. My girlfriend is encouraging me to pursue this and ask me which direction that I want to take and I was like, I want to sell books and move to the west coast.

Describe this shop.

The shop will be almost like a bake shop with vintage books. For everyone that comes in and wants to read a book, they will pick up a brown paper wrapped book and they won't know the title, until they unwrap it, giving them a magical surprise to read. Which makes it even more fun, because everybody would be scurrying around to get a good book.

Is there going to be color?

Definitely. Also lots of flowers, so many flowers and possibly a Moroccan rug.

Customers can take off their shoes and get comfortable. We will have crystals, sage and people would just come to one place to have their coffee, hang out and bring their friends. I can see this, because that’s how the shop "Warm" that I work in right now is. We’ve made it a super family orientated place. Although, it’s a luxury brand store, everyone is kind of like family and they come in and we give hugs. I know people’s personal life. Important people, clearly because we are all important. I think everyone views people by labels and statures, but at the end of the day we are all human. We all come together for something and who doesn’t love coffee?

Also, my intentions are to leave New York City, because I’ve been here all my life. I want to go somewhere where it is warm. I will also work on starting a new Instagram page about light and about darkness.

Yes, you need to build you brand. You are definitely wise with words.

I feel like life is everything right now. I feel like life is my number one priority. There are so many people who are just existing, I’m not. Every moment counts. A lot of things has happened to my friends this year, a lot of them lost their parents. Four different people in the past four months. Everyone was like in this weird smoking mirrors in 2018 and they have brought it to my attention and called on me in mysterious ways and here I exist for them, in their lives. More like a like a guardian, guiding and by accident, because these people didn’t know about my life and what I am up to. They look at my Instagram and automatically think that life is good, but there’s a purpose and I am of service. I work over 60 hours a week and I serve people. I don’t sit at a desk, I'm on my feet and whatever anyone needs. Even my employees, they get my service.

Everyone is always like thank you for being so positive, but there's no other way. I always try to find the silver lining. Sometimes things happen, right, it’s how you react to it, overcome it, how you handle yourself. I have insecurities. I’ve lost a couple of pounds in the past three months and it’s not really things going on to me personally, which blows my mind, It’s just working a little harder and not understanding the way things are going, but guess what, I have self awareness. I notice everything and I have compassion and kindness. Sometimes people misinterpret compassion and kindness and deny their truths. However, you need balance. You need to accept your short comings. Everybody has there vices and everybody has demons. It’s all about how you take care of yourself and the key words are self care. There are still people that care and the ones that you think are these people are the ones that won't show up. I realize something five years ago, no one saves you, you have to save yourself, but you also have to rationalize and you have to be very wise. Everyone is going through something, people are so good at hiding it for so many years. People live without even knowing themselves. So, appreciate the darkness, because solitude always give you time to reflect on yourself. Protect your peace your space.

Nobody asks if you are okay, they expect you to be strong, but vulnerability is important. Now, I will always be of service, because that’s my purpose. Years ago it was a distraction and I wasn't taking care of myself. You spread yourself thin and again, no one is there to save you. It’s not that there fault, though. In my past, I never ever asked anyone for help and people automatically think you are okay, but you are not. So, it is important that you are very vocal, especially to those in your life. People need to know their role in your life and you have to set those boundaries. For some it doesn’t matter and who cares, because you don’t need them. I was amazing before and I am amazing now.

People live by the book. I see things differently. It’s important that you take care of you. When, purpose sets in, it's harder for someone that doesn't have a kid or anything to stand for. Like it’s so hard. I’ve changed my entire way of thinking. I feel like there Is a higher purpose and people live by the books. We go to work, we pay taxes and we celebrate these bogus holidays. I just look at things a little bit different now. I won't celebrate the holiday, but it gives me a chance to see my family, because I don’t see them as much. I chose that, because that’s for my peace. My mom loves the holidays, but I'm a place in my life that I appreciate the moments, because nothing else really matters obviously.

Exactly, as a photographer I can relate because I freeze memories by capturing those best moments.

My daughter is a photographer, she does it so naturally. She sees things that no one else sees. She takes most of the pictures that I post.

I am every day grateful. We are alive and well. People are losing their lives out there. As I mentioned before 2018 has been the weirdest smoking mirror year. Twelve months felt like five. I watched so many people hurt in all different aspects. However, that doesn’t dim my light. If anything it makes me want to bring more light, because some people think that they are the only ones or they are alone and everyone is going through something. The problem is everyone needs to know and understand themselves. We need to stop worrying about how others feel and do for us. For example, I like to wear heels with socks and I’m not worried about the ones that don’t like the way it looks, because I’m confident! I love my look. You have to be grateful.

What does spiritual mean to you?

I think people confuse the meaning of spirituality a lot. I get a lot of, "Do you believe in God". I still believe in God. There are so many Gods. I think all religions coincidence. I have studied the Callaba, the Corone, the Bible in English and in Spanish. They are all relative and I believe it in all, but I also believe that you don’t need a building, a powerhouse, a church or a cult group to be believe in something bigger then yourself.

We loved this interview! Thank you Tiffany for being awesome! Please follow Tiffany on her Instagram, her inspiring words are delicate and powerful to your soul. Please take care of your minds and speak to someone if you need to. Life is too precious.

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