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"I'm lucky enough to witness beauty everyday, in someone's smile after biting down on a cookie"

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

When you meet a baker like Wassem Moarsi of “Sensible Edibles“‘ in Long Island City, you feel like you‘ve known him for years. His personality shines through every conversation and translates into his delicious healthy baked goods. Let me tell you, his love for life is contagious! Wassem and his team take great pride in putting the right ingredients in their delicious baked goods and serve great food choices at the “Sensible Edible“ cafe. Where you also get to say hi to David and Fefe, who love to come out to greet you. My personal favorite are the pumpkin muffins, all made from fresh ingredients. Wassem is not only charming and sweet, but he also grew up watching his dad David

bake. Yes, "Sensible Edibles" is a part of an inherited generation, the kind of story that SkysOcean lives for. (Photos taken from Sensible Edibles Website and Instagram)

Tell us the story about Sensible Edibles?

Sensible Edibles is an ingredient conscious bakery trying to educate consumers about what’s in our foods and how sometimes simplicity is the best answer.

What inspires you to bake?

We want to open the public eyes and ultimately have them keep an open mind. Simply put, we want to change the tasteless perception associated with the “vegan” or “healthy” stigma. For starters, you Elsie!

Where do you get your craft from?

I would love to say “my father” or “studying chemistry” while in college, but I've learned everything I know from trial and error. I’d like to believe I was resourceful with the infrastructure here, my coworkers advice and my own discernment.

What’s your earliest memory of baking and who did you look up to?

I remember Dad bribing us to stay awake all night rotating danish in the our small oven for his only client, for $5 dollars a night. Quite truthfully, I never had a passion for baking until recently when I realized how much of a difference a business like this can effect communities throughout NYC. So, no individual person really, but the concept of a group of people in a kitchen influencing a community is what I really admire.

What’s the great challenge you can say a baker faces every day?

Consistency ! When you take away all the machines and automation, you’re left with individuals replicating the same concoction everyday with a set of different variables to account for. We prefer to make everything from scratch with our own two hands, instead of relying on assembly lines. For example, we deal with organic ingredients so factors such as humidity, haze, environmental temperature, and water hardness just to name a few, come to consideration while reproducing a product our clients depend on to get through his/her day.

What is life to you?

Oh man, that is deep! I think that I would answer it very differently depending on the day. lol. For now, life is making a positive impact in someone else's life.

With so much going on in America, what beauty do you see?

You're right! There is a lot going on!! Across the world for that matter. I'm lucky enough to witness beauty everyday, in someone's smile after biting down on a cookie, in the relief we give someone by sharing an ear when they need someone to talk to, in failing 20 recipes to get just the one right and it feels so good! I think beauty is limitless today. You just have to not let the other stuff get in the way of it.

What is the hardest thing to bake?

I've heard Lava cake is hard to bake or not to bake, get it!. Personally, I have trouble with a lot, because I’m usually experimentally baking.

What other talents do you have and enjoy doing?

This is going to sound geek, but i have an affinity to consume knowledge.

How is a great muffin suppose to taste like and why are yours so unique and delicious?

In my opinion muffins should be hearty. That is lost in today's popular "muffin". I think the muffin is often misconstrued as a cupcake. A cupcake is primarily sweet with an added sugar topping! A muffin shouldn't be confined to a sweet category, but rather a multi-grain or savory or a fiber based. Otherwise we might as well call it CAKE! lol. Ours are vegan and low-fat. We use organic sweeteners and organic whole spelt flour (an ancient grain), to boost the benefits of nutrition in every muffin. We strongly consider the ingredients in our items before production.

Who’s your favorite baker and why?

Our head baker is someone I enjoy watching bake. We tend to bake in mass production, so sometimes that means not following the recipe, but rather judging the batter based on texture and weight per volume. That's my favorite part to watch!

What’s it like baking out of Long Island City?

Well, we've been doing business out of L.I.C. since 92' so we have a deep appreciation for whats become of it. We used to be off Vernon Blvd, amongst tall grass and swampy areas bordering the water shores where skyscrapers now lie today! We've slowly been pushing back into Queens, trying to escape the busy streets. It’s nice having access to public transportation, bridge and tunnel access, proximity to Manhattan and Brooklyn, great views of the city and an industrial neighborhood we've come to call home!

What are your best customers like?

For individual customers: people who are willing to take a leap of faith and try something new and out of their comfort zone. For the cafe's we partner with: Essentially take a bigger risks by investing in the new trends and what the end consumer is asking for. The end consumer is often held with the responsibility of changing the foods available, by choosing the right foods at their local markets, but that is hard to do when there is a ton of fast food (low nutrition) joints open 24 hrs a day. So, I respect a business owner who is willing to take the risk and choose to offer a healthier option and today that also means trendy (because today we are more conscious of what we eat).

You know I love your cats, what makes them so amazing?

That is something only they know best. lol. Having a cat to pet during your work day is great, which is why we see a lot of people coming in to take a break from their office and grind and chill with David and Fefe @catcafelic

Do you have any new projects that we should look out for?

For one, we are slowly riding the vegan trend across the boards of our production. Staples, like the raspberry hazelnut bar have set new bars (get it) for us to reach: simple ingredients, vegan, gluten-free and delicious. That ideology has started our new line of vegan cookies created from the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

So any new projects we make now must include one of those categories. With that said, our most recent relationship with Flower Power Coffee House, NYC, has started a bit of chatter among the staff at our bakery to start experimenting with CBD oils.

Few investments in life really matter and even fewer are entirely our own to make. Yet every single day we're faced with one of the most important decisions we make. Every time you eat, you have the opportunity to make the right choice and invest in yourself.

David Moarsi Founder, Sensible Edibles

We loved this interview! Thanks Wassem, you are fabulous! Everyone needs to stop by "Sensible Edibles" and try some of those delicious treats. Also please don't forget to follow us on Instagram -SkysOcean1 and click on the star to subscribe. We appreciate the support!

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