• Elsie Hernandez

"It's amazing to see how a nice shirt or outfit positively changes my client's mood"......Paul Floy

Paul Floy, New York Wardrobe Stylist calls himself “The Difficult Husband Specialist", and if you ever take the opportunity to ask for his expertise, you would know why. His impeccable style comes through in every selection that he makes with you and I’m speaking from experience. Having had the pleasure to have worked with Paul who made our shopping experience super pleasant. It’s always great to work with someone that knows their stuff and that is also passionate about helping the client feel remarkable about themselves. Imagine ending up with a stunning look, without the frustration of having to search through tons of outfits. Not to mention how Paul’s outshining personality makes you feel like the most important client every single time. Very impressive. Paul is not only a fabulous wardrobe stylist, he is a family man who also devotes his time to volunteering in various organizations. This is one guy you are sure to keep in your contacts. (Photos provided by Paul Floy)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you become a wardrobe stylist? 

I started off my career in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Giftshop @ Macy's. By selling jewelry, textiles and statues I was able to hone my skills. It was there that this city kid learned to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life.  After finishing my Associates degree in Human services and about to leave, the manager from the Personal shopping Department offered my a position .  What makes a great day for you?

What makes a great day for me besides having a good sale day is fulfilling the needs of my clients! 

Who are your favorite designers to work with?

For men it's MICHAEL KORS, Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein . For Women it's Vince Camuto, Ralph Lauren, BCBG & Eileen Fisher.  

What’s the first thing you tell your clients?

I let them know that I'm not on commission just trying to sell them something! I find this gains their trust and opens their mind(s) to my suggestions .  Who are your favorite clients to work with?

I like to label myself as "The Difficult Husband Specialist"!  As a husband and Dad of 3 boys , I try to connect with the husbands who don't like to shop. I try to show them that despite all those titles we can't get complacent with our spouses/ relationships. We have to keep our mates interested as well as doing it for yourself ! It's amazing to see how a nice shirt or outfit positively changes my client's mood or their spouses!!  I also like to dress our-inner -city youth for proms and graduations. It's a very important and memorable time of their lives and I am honored to be a a part of it!!

If you could dress anyone who would it be and why?

I would Looove to dress my Father-In-law! He is a very hardworking man that has given and done sooo much for my family and I, but getting him out of t-shirts and jeans is impossible ! When we buy him clothes he puts it in the closet and never wears it! 

Do you believe the outfit makes the person or the person makes the outfit?

I believe it's both, but if the outfit isn't put together well, it doesn't matter how confident you are. Fit, Color and Appropriateness are important !!

Besides a little black dress, what else should a woman and a man have in her closet?

A woman should always have a light black shrug and a versatile dark and light colors blazer that can go for business or casual.  A man should always have a blue blazer, black dress-shoes, reversible-belt (black and brown). 

What’s your style?

By day I dress the part i.e suits, sports-coats . I consider myself to be "Classic-Mod". A lot of old and new fashion trends. On my day-off I am jeans and Converse guy! 

What other things are you into and do you have any upcoming events/endeavors that we should look out for?

I am into volunteering for my company. In the past I've been asked by my Company to do a lot of givebacks to the  community and I hope we continue despite the financial uncertainty in these times. My wife and I have chosen to make Yonkers the place to raise our family. I would like to support my community and make it a better place for  my boys and their friends to live!  With quarantine and our world being turned upside down with injustice, what makes you get through the day.

Thinking of the next road -trip or travel with my family gets me through the day! We've driven as far as Florida, Canada. We've taken our boys to Costa Rica and the Caribbean.  I also into improving my home for my family. I like to browse the internet for ideas for the backyard, basement etc. 

What is life to you?

Life to me is Family! The family I have now is the family I've always dreamed of having . I come from 2 very big West-Indian families (Jamaican & Guyana ) who are very Loving and supportive. Get -together are always memorable. 

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