• Elsie Hernandez

Look out for this talented beauty hairstylist Joanette Boreland

Skylar had the opportunity to have her hair styled by the talented hairstylist /makeup artist Joanette Boreland. Joanette is not only stunningly beautiful she is gracious, polite and absolutely professional. During her interview she gives us a little history of where she is from and how she came to love the art of braiding.

What’s the first thing you tell your clients during a consultation?

I like to make sure I know how the client is taking care of their hair and help them figure out what style is appropriate for their age. I also give them tips on how to take care of their natural hair, which is very important. I am also a MAC makeup artist. So the beauty tips go hand and hand.

When did you start doing hair and who does your hair?

I do my own hair. (My reaction: Wow!) I started doing my hair back home in Jamaica. My parents were farmers, so my mother was always busy, so my older sister would have to do my hair. I didn’t like the way she used to style my hair, so I would take it apart and do it myself. Then my cousins and friends started coming over and I would braid their hair. Until I started building my own clients and the neighborhood kids would come to my house on Sundays to get their hair braided. Joanette says, to learn how to braid you have to watch and keep practicing.

What do you think about the competition out there?

As for competition quality is what counts and that’s what I strive for all the time.

I love doing hair and post my tutorials on my Youtube channel -NaturalJonet

I’ve thought about doing the hair shows in the future, but right now you will find me attending the makeup shows. Joanette works on location in the New York City area.

Thank you Joanette for being amazing and making Skylar look and feel fabulous. She loved her braids and enjoyed meeting you as well. So if you want to look fabulous with braids too, reach out to NaturalJonet on Instagram and subscribe to her Natural Jonet youtube channel it’s amazing!

Thanks, Elsie

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