• Elsie Hernandez

Love YourSelf

I personally feel like loving yourself should be taught from the minute you are born, because we all know learning starts from your home, however parents and families aren't perfect. So I also think self-love should be taught the minute you walk into a school. I mean we worry so much about learning a language, learning mathematics and learning about competing with one another, but the truth is we need to really learn how to love ourselves first. The reality is, without taking care of and loving ourselves we cannot grow in life and that’s more important then everything. You need to mentally feed your soul, so you can live freely.

Your parents have a job to teach you about loving yourself, but sometimes more is needed. Yes, there should actually be a mandatory class in school on loving yourself, starting from kindergarten until 12th grade. They can teach you everything you need to know about loving and caring for yourself. We send our kids out there to this world where they face so many challenges and we know growing up can be hard, these kids face things that they know nothing about. Even though we as adults got through childhood and we survived, but we still are not perfect and we still face all kinds of other stuff every day.

I try to teach Skylar something every day about loving herself, because I know growing up even though my parents showed me love I think they didn’t show me enough on loving myself. Getting an abundance of love and loving yourself are two different things. My parents believed in work and education and quite frankly some of us go through challenges alone at times. We face them head on and often forget to love ourselves. I know this well, being hard on myself at times was difficult, but today I love myself more than ever and I know when to stop and say yes you are amazing. So let me emphasize how much loving yourself is important, because with it success is much more fun and life is so much more beautiful with love.

One of my favorite blogs posted about self love written by Chantelle from . Chantelle makes a great point when she says, self care isn’t selfish. It’s super important, and my life is better when I’m looking after myself. My favorite part about her post is her 52 week challenge on ways to love yourself. I love this website! Take a peek.