• Elsie Hernandez


I always enjoy speaking to people and learning a little about their background, today I was intrigued by Marietta. My mother and I met Marietta on the elevator going up to Michaels. I needed to pick up last minute items for our Easter baskets. Marietta was a darling older woman who had a shopping cart full of Trader Jo’s paper bags. I asked her, so what do you think about Trader Jo’s and she responded politely I love it there. I said why, and she said because they have good quality food for a great price. She asked me, do you like Trader Jo’s and I said not really and she began to laugh. I’ll explain why, another time, in another post where I can compare all the supermarkets. Getting back to Marietta, I have to say she was a vibrant woman full of life and so open to talk to. Later in the aisles I bumped into Marietta again, where she had a table full of artificial flowers. I was amused at how she was into the things I love, so I started talking to her again. Well, well, well, you have quite a few flowers I said, and she smiled and said oh yea I need to change the flowers every season in my home and these are sixty percent off, that’s a great value. Marietta who is originally from Valenzuela has been here in the United States for over 55 years and she chooses to be happy. By her being happy made me happy that day at Michaels, her smile was contagious.