• Elsie Hernandez

Mean Girl

Mean Girl

The other night I came home and Sky was on the computer watching this music video about being bullied and treated badly. Which we will review in a later blog, however in this blog I want to highlight how often as women we tear each other down instead of supporting one another.

As we all know, Oprah is an inspiration to many of us. She has the gift of motivating people and opening them up to the world in their interviews. I stumbled across this interview from her show “Oprah's Next Chapter” and found it incredible these four African American ladies genuinely came forward with their experiences. These are some of world's most accomplished actresses—Viola Davis, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad and Gabrielle Union and they were honest about their challenges with people and themselves.

One particular segment that stood out to me was Oprah Winfrey talking to Gabrielle about her speech at an awards ceremony and how her honesty shocked the audience. I have to say as a Latina even I can relate because I have seen this within our own culture and just want to point out that it does not make us more powerful to tear down one another. Listen to her speech, it’s really a wake-up call to us all as women.

In this next segment Gabrielle states her truth on how she hit rock bottom and she was a mean girl.

Sky complains to me about mean girls in her school and I often tell her to stand her ground and tell them how they are making her feel. I believe this comes from the home, because being mean takes up so much energy.

We all go through changes, but in the end we just want to be honest with ourselves and live a good life. We need to communicate to our little girls.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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