• Elsie Hernandez

Melanie's Take on Love

Since SkysOcean is big on love. All types of love! We like to blog about one of our very own friends Melanie. Melanie blogs about all types of style and stuff and she has some great posts, including some genuine advice on L---O---V---E. From her own experience which is the best kind to read. We love her blog!

Don’t be difficult. Take the relationship advice:

So yeah , I have some relationship advice. No, I am not an expert but I speak from experience, life experience.

I have been with my husband for a good chunk of my life. We kind of grew up together. We have been through many great times but also a few difficult ones.

I learned…

One might have to hold it together at times for the two. You might take turns on highs and lows. Be strong and give love to your partners as they fight through funk and bad times.

People just want love and support while they deal with their issues but don’t live there. You must fight out. No one can deal with sadness for too long. It is possible!

Like I have preached before, fake it until you make it.

Your partner should not have to stay in darkness with you. It’s not healthy. If you need more help. Seek it. Let go of the past and what is taking over inside and be still.

Don’t think too much. Just observe and be present. Take it slow and correct bad thoughts right away. You can grow from any situation.

Everyone goes through tough times and we have to be understanding to real life hurt and exhaustion. Build your partner up.

Love each other. Don’t put down the people in your home. That is your environment. It only spreads negativity to you. Your partners might blossom from the positive energy you present.

Worst case, you might have to remove yourself from a relationship when the other has completely given up. But first, give it a try. Give yourself. Accept change.

I have been on both sides. I know the feeling of hopelessness and the feeling of being still and loved back to health.

Show them your worth loving.

Believe in yourself and push through. Love your partners, make them smile, give them reason and understand. Most important find strength and don’t lose focus on happiness.

With love, Melanie.