• Elsie Hernandez

My Exciting Interview with "Everything Eve" on NiteOnlineRadio.

How exciting was this interview! For the first time I became the interviewee rather than the interviewer. Thanks to the fabulous artist Ty Bless of xtrememixxradio and radio host Yvonne from “Everything Eve” at niteonlineradio. At first, I have to say I was like, “What an interview on me?”, but then I just went with it. I’m normally not a shy person, but I have my moments and being in the limelight can be one of them. The heat was on at the recording studio at niteline, where a bunch of spicy Latinos were being interviewed before me, with weeks before the Puerto Rican Parade they had a lot to say. Then there was me the blonde Latina originally from Bushwick, Brooklyn who is known for always having a camera in her hands. If you know me, more than likely I have photographed you and I have tons of photos to show. Photography is my life. So I hope you enjoy the interview and please, before you sign off don’t forget to subscribe. We appreciate the support.

Credit: Ty Bless Music, Inc.

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