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One Bow at a Time

One Bow At A Time

One Bow at a time is how Carmern Irizarry from "K Modest Kreations" contributes towards this horrible disease called Cancer. Carmen and her family are raising money and walking in the American Cancer Walk on October 15th 2017 in Central Park.

Cancer is devastating to our families and we all often wish that this poisonous disease never existed, but until they find a cure this partnering with charity that they believe can help make a change. I asked Carmen why was she dedicating herself to such an important event and this is what she said.

Courtesy of Carmen Irizarry

What motivated you to start your company “KModest Kreations”?

All my life I've have been surrounded by very smart crafty women, my mom, my aunts and cousins. They have always made our gifts. I remember my Halloween costumes and Christmas stockings and many other beautiful things. I never held onto them to give them to my own kids. My mother began to make things for them also, like PJ’s, summer dresses and other things, but she passed away before she was able to meet her grandkids. My opportunity came when my cousin had a daughter, she wanted to make a white scarf for her, I started watching her crochet and it brought back the memories of my mom. I remembered all that she did and I remembered the few stitches that she taught me. So I asked my cousin, “Hey let me help you with that.” and I finished the scarf. Yes I did. I was very happy and that year I continued to make a few other things for my godson, like a little blanket and these pants. I tell you they were like the most horrible pants, but the most adorable at the same time because I made them. I felt very proud of them. Then I found out I was going to be a Yaya with my granddaughter, so I decided that i was going make her a welcome home dress and blanket. She was the push that I needed to bring out the creativity that I had inside of me from growing up with my talented family. Now I make hair bows, tutus, I crochet simple things and started selling them. So I’m earning an income with things that I enjoy making. I put love into my creations and for me it’s a win-win situation. I get very happy when I create things and get even more excited when I hand them to my clients and they have happy faces. So I decided to put a name to my creations, I kept my granddaughter’s first initial because she inspired me to create KS MODEST KREATIONS. At first my main focus was on bows and beanies. I was just making beanies, crocheted hats, bows and crochet scarves. Now I'm into making paper flowers, decorating events and I have made little summer dresses for my granddaughter. When I just put my mind to it, I can create it.

Courtesy of Carmen Irizarry

Why is participating in the American Cancer Society so important to you and your family?

Participating in this charity became so important to me, because it brings out the awareness of Breast Cancer. Thanks to my daughter Soledad for telling about this great cause. We are a family that have lost so many family members due to Cancer. My grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. Cancer continues to scar my family and many other families. I've been very ignorant to these foundations, that whenever I went to shop in the stores I would donate a dollar here a dollar there. Until one year my daughter SOLEDAD joined the walk with a friend's mother, who was fighting breast cancer and she enjoyed it. She continued to go for three years, before I was interested in it. She told me she wanted to raise awareness and I asked, how can I help. She said, join me in a donation petition and walk with me. I said I'll walk and donate, that was the year my aunt announced that she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Courtesy of Carmen Irizarry

What inspired you to create such beautiful bows for the American Cancer Society?

Once again Cancer was an issue in our family, so I sat down to think on how can I help. I remembered those dollars I gave, here and there. I also remembered giving a dollar and receiving a pin. Which gave me the idea, so I invested in material and made hair bows and starting selling them for donations. I worked at a craft store so I was able to buy the ribbon and embellishments at a discounted price. I created some bows and began to tell my co-workers, my friends and my family. The first year I posted them on Facebook and Instagram we got a very good response. We were able to collect around $600 in hair bows donations for the foundation that year. We also walked with my aunt the survivor. My family is my motivation and the excitement of walking with so many Cancer survivors, especially seeing my aunt win this fight and how her caregiver took good care of her was also the push I needed to bring out the best in me and my family. My daughter Soledad taught me how wonderful it felt to give from the heart. The love she puts in these walks, makes a difference on how I give. I’m not giving because I could afford a $1, I’m giving because I care.

With so many charities out there, why do you think "American Cancer Society "is one of the better choices to donate to?

I believe this charity helps all those women who are suffering from Breast Cancer. I also donate to other charities, but I am very passionate about the "American Cancer Society". All the work they do for our ladies, like; free mammograms, so we can get checked almost anywhere we live and they also have emotional support workshops/ groups. These programs wouldn't be possible without donations. Without support for this cause, the foundation wouldn’t be able to do research, and invent more advanced medications for this disease. A mother’s milk from her breast is the first nutrition source babies have, to help them grow strong and healthy, without boobs babies do not get that opportunity naturally.

We are happy to hear that “Hill County Kitchen” is sponsoring you? How does that make you feel?

"Hill Country Chicken" has been a great blessing to us. David Velez who is responsible for the restaurant’s sponsorship is great. He is a blessing to us. I simply feel blessed and very happy. We may not reach our monetary goals, but we will definitely reach our awareness goals through "Hill Country Chicken". We will reach out to more people awareness and the more awareness, the more we can rise. So please donate.

How can people contribute and how can they continue to contribute?

With faith and love, it warms my heart up on how I honestly feel walking through Central Park with all that are there for one purpose and how we all walk next to one another smiling. With those that have the visible pain in their face but never stop smiling. This is one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve experienced. Families supporting their love ones, by cheering them on. You can contribute to this great cause by getting pledges and walking with us. Or you can just donate directly through

Courtesy of Carmen Irizarry

Besides being an amazing person, are there other projects that we should look forward to seeing from you?

Thank you for saying I'm amazing. I'm far from amazing, I’m just a person who cares and is able to add a little grain of sand to the mountain. My family and I are always looking up ways to do something positive for the world, we collect toys for kids and wrap them up for the children at the shelters. We also participate in the church pantry when given the chance. We aren't perfect, nor a huge holy family, but I tell you what when we give, we give with love.

Fact Sheet about American Cancer Society

We love this interview! Carmen is inspiration to us all. She is a loving person, who is dedicating her time to making a difference in the world that lately has been going through some rough stuff. She is one person that is proof that love conquers all.

SkysOcean believes that!! Thank you Carmen!!

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