• Elsie Hernandez

Park(ing) Day!

Park(ing) Day! How wonderful is this idea! As I walked to work early this morning I stumbled onto this darling little park on the side of the street. I don’t know if it is the best place to park this little beauty, because it’s such a dangerous avenue, but I know I still loved it. The ladies running the little area explained how park(ing) is happening all around the U.S. and after a some research I discovered that it is true. The advocates for better spaces created a fun way of enjoying a space by creating temporary public parks, where you can sit and enjoy reading your newspaper, drink your coffee or just chat. The great part is that it is an annual event and it’s happening everywhere since 2005 on the third Friday of September. You can check out some pics and more information about this awesome day on Oh, I forgot to mention that my phone did not work so I stopped this beautiful young lady named Tsehai and asked if she can take these pictures for me and she kindly sent them to me. Thanks Tsehai!