• Elsie Hernandez

Piercing Sky’s American Girl

Piercing Sky’s American Girl

I grew up in a Puerto Rican home where my parents worked hard and always tried their best to get me something for my birthday. I’ve always loved dolls, so I my mom would always get me one on either Christmas or my birthday. I remember when the Cabbage Patch dolls came into existence and how expensive they were. The only way you can recognize if you had the original, was if the butt cheeks were signed. Well I definitely got one, but guess what the butt wasn’t signed. Yet I treated her like she was the best doll that I ever had and of course my Mom found her own remedy. She signed it herself. Laugh out loud. Compared to today’s market, there was no way my mom was going to take me to get my doll’s ears pierced and to get her hair done at the doll salon.

Today the market is different and as much as I like to admit I really love how my daughter keeps up with the American Doll tradition. She watches their movies, reads their books, combs her doll’s hair, buckles their seat belt and dresses them up.

Now do not get me wrong, I show Sky that we do not have an American Girl lifestyle, so we have agreed that she can get one if earned and only during a holiday, also providing that she takes good care of the two that she has, also including the four journey dolls. I must say I really love the journey dolls too! Those are available at Toys-R-Us. When we go to the American Girl store Sky wants it all, heck I want I all. These dolls are so much fun to watch and play with and the movies and story books just add more adventure to their existence, the creators are geniuses.

Now the funny part of this story is again we do not have the American girl lifestyle, but you tube has made it very difficult for me to say no to certain things, but in the end I’m still that Puerto Rican mom that puts her foot down. This time it was about piercing their ears, thank God for YouTube tutorials, however if you know me you already know I would have figured it out anyway. At the American Girl store, it costs $16.00 plus tax to get the doll’s ears pierced. I don’t know about you, but with $16.00 dollars I can go to the pizzeria, buy two slices and two drinks and still come home with dollars in my pocket and that’s exactly how I explained it to Sky. So here it goes, one free thumbtack from my job and a pack of 10 sets of earrings from Rainbows at $5.99 plus tax and Walla! 10 minutes later 6 dolls with earrings and 4 earrings left over for wearing. What a deal! Plus one satisfied Sky!