• Elsie Hernandez

"Queens Best Little Kept Secret"

Queens has it's very own best kept little secret, the fabulous “Secret Garden Flower Shop & Arts N Crafts” located in the Glendale/Ridgewood area. Not to mention the exceptionally talented owner and designer Dorothy Stepnowska, with her creatively designed window displays, her gorgeous arrangements, and her out of this world elegantly designed space, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale land in Queens.

I promise you when you walk into this flower shop, that it is almost like walking into an actual secret garden full of fabulous scents and colorful arrangements. From a uniquely designed open window in the wall, organic soaps, scented candles and luxuriously stylish rentals for your own special occasions, this flower shop is beautiful and the energy is full of love. "Secret Garden" also adds a surprisingly magical twist for the Glendale/Ridgewood neighborhood. There is no other shop like it in Queens.

To add to the fabulosity, there is a magical space in the back that is available for rent and holds up to 45 people. "Secret Garden" also hosts its own events, like yoga classes, wine painting classes and others. I will be sure to posts them on blogs to come.

I love this place! So stop by, buy some flowers, soaps, candles, there’s something for everyone.