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Rohita and Jordan Land Travel with Love

Rohita and Jordan Land

When Jordan and Rohita travel the world together they spread the beautiful love that they share. This couple represents the real romance that you read about in novels. As I have mentioned in my former posts, I am in love with love and sometimes live vicariously through my friends that travel. So you can imagine how ecstatic I am to be writing this blog, it's like a double whammy for me. Rohita and Jordan tell us what it's like to constantly travel together. This interview is enormous, inspirational and full of life. Most of us are so caught up with life's challenges, that we forget to breathe. Many don't get to travel the world, especially with someone that adores you as much as you adore him/her. Beautiful marriages are real and I am so happy that I can write about it! Not to mention, and I'm sure you would agree, that this power couple are absolutely stunning!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jordan and Rohita Land

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We are Jordan & Rohita Land, established 2003. We met walking down the street during the Blackout of 2003 and have been together ever since. Jordan’s a Physical Education Teacher and Rohita is a Finance professional.

When did you guys start traveling together?

We really started traveling together from the moment we met in 2003; within the first month together we took a weekend away in Atlantic City, the following month to Upstate NY and then a few months later we hopped on our first plane together to Las Vegas to celebrate Ro’s birthday.

How many countries have you visited and which one is your ultimate favorite?

58 countries to date, 61 countries by the end of this year. Our favorite country thus far would probably have to be Bora Bora, French Polynesia. This is where we honeymooned for two weeks in an over water hut, on a small island. It was so beautiful and calm, it’s said to have the most shades/variations of the color blue in the entire world. It was like Christmas for your eyes!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jordan and Rohita Land

So what’s your trick to traveling on the plane?

Be nice to your fellow passengers and flight crew. Dress nice, but comfy. There is something to be said about air travel back in the day, just because it’s easy to hop on and off of a plane now, doesn't mean we can’t uphold a little tradition. Make sure your headphones, book(s), passports and a pen are handy. We usually have our own blanket, eye mask, slipper socks and some snacks just in case.

What inspires you when you are coordinating your trip together?

The world! Anywhere we haven’t been and any experience we haven’t had. We are truly lucky to be able to travel and so we look at the world as an endless place to experience life. Ultimately, budget and timing of the trip will be the deciding factor in the booking process.

Which country can you say you have felt the most romance in?

All of them! It’s so hard to say, but surely we bring our romance and love to all of the countries we visit. Everyone loves in their own way and as such every country has it’s own romantic flair, you just have to be open to it.

What advice do you give a new couple starting to travel?

Plan together, start small, stay within your initial comfort zones, research your destination, pack lightly and have fun!!!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jordan and Rohita Land

Do you stay on resorts or do you explore the culture of each country?

We explore. We believe that visiting a resort isn't enough to say that you have visited the country. Even if you find yourself on a tour it’s great, because you can experience more of the country, you can learn something you can be immersed. It’s important to have some immersion, so you can really learn about other cultures and ways of life, it’s eye opening.

Has there been a moment that you wish you can stay in any of these countries, and would you if you could?

Yes! We actually took job interviews in Barbados and tried to consider Island Life. It’s easy to want to stay in all of these different places, but frankly we’re New Yorkers and there is no place better than the city so nice, that they named it twice. We are lucky to be NY natives and really cherish it, it’s nice to see the world, but there’s no place like home.

Photos are courtesy of Rohita and Jordan Land

What is beauty?

Beauty is doing morning yoga on the beach in Tobago, while watching baby sea turtles hatch. Beauty is finding yourself whale watching in Cabo, over your first cup of coffee. Beauty is watching that sunset in Curacao, where if you blink when the sun hits the horizon you could literally miss it. Beauty is seeing the northern lights from a frozen black sand Icelandic shore for New Years. Beauty is learning how to attract the fish from a local child on the beach, with just a piece of bread. Beauty is our love.

What is life to you?

Endless experience!

What is your dream trip?

To celebrate our retirement (one day, soon hopefully), we want to cruise around the world for a year. Literally we want to take a cruise ship from point A to point B, then hop on another and make our way around the world.

Besides being amazing travelers, what else do you love to do?

Everything! We love life. Having experiences, saying yes to new things is what we love.

What type of travelers are you guys? Example: You seek adventure, relaxation or are like a tourist.

We like to change it up. Some trips are for that much needed R&R, others are for the full-on adventure and we are ALWAYS a tourist. We don’t hold back on taking all of the quintessential pictures that you should, like touching the point on the Louvre or holding the sun on a beach. Lately, we have found ourselves in adventure mode, this Christmas and New Years we are headed to Finland, where we will jet off to Estonia then Russia, only to come back to the Arctic Circle way north in Finland, where we will meet Santa and sleep in an all glass igloo. We hope to see some icebergs, go dog sledding, see the reindeer (maybe even meet Rudolph himself).

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jordan and Rohita Land

What has been a challenge you have faced traveling and how did you overcome it?

Language barrier. We only speak English, but we don’t expect that every country will have people that speak our language, so we research key words ahead of time and activate WiFi immediately, LOL, Google Translate works wonders.

What have been the highlights of your trips?

The highlights have been some of those things we didn’t plan, those really organic moments that just happen. Also, the people that we have met along the way. Traveling puts you in situations where you trust a local person or strike up conversation in a way you wouldn’t at home.

Three things you can never be without?

Each other, our passport and credit card!

What can we expect for the future? Are there any new travels that we can hear about?

Well, aside from going to meet Santa, at his house, literally at the North Pole, everything else seems so inconsequential. We are actually going to Florida in August, but decided to take a long road trip to see more of the state. So, we are going to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and then are driving on a country road through the Everglades to Naples and St. Petersburg. Funny, we are headed to two St. Petersburgs this year. There’s some small stuff nestled in, from Washington DC to potentially Portland, Oregon and lots of local road trips.

We loved this amazing interview with the Lands. Thanks guys!

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