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"She taught me to do everything in the kitchen with love...I understood what she felt."..Laura Uribe

Imagine sweet, love and a bunch of deliciousness all in this sexy little jar. That's exactly what you encounter when you taste this delightful treat made by Laura Uribe, Pastry Chef. It’s like she packed all of her own sweetness and love into this remarkable artisan dessert. If you ever meet her, you would know what I mean, the best thing is that she’s in New York and you might just get that chance when you order some of these amazing sweets. She personalizes every jar and when you taste them it’s like magic in every bite. You get just enough to satisfaction, but that won’t stop you from wanting more!!!! I speak from experience! Laura is not your regular baker guys, she’s also an architect who‘s worked with the best pasty chefs in town and puts her passion into her work. Sky and I love all of our interviews, but this one was just what we needed during this pandemic and hard times. Super sweet!!! (Photography provided by Laura Uribe )

When did you know you wanted to be a pastry chef?

Really, since I was a kid I have liked cooking, I am an architect by profession. I always liked creating and doing beautiful things with my hands. In my family, the love for sweets was present in my life since I was young. Love for cakes and artisan desserts of my native country Columbia, I prepared recipes in my house, but I did it as a hobby, like I said I worked as an architect. When we decided to move to New York about 4 years ago, I knew that I wanted to be a Pastry chef. I decided to take a risk and learn the sweet art of cooking. I started working in different restaurants in Manhattan, where I learned new flavors. I had the opportunity to experiment and fuse the flavors of my country with the classic New York dessert flavors.

What inspires you to make these amazing desserts?

My inspiration is to want to surprise someone with a sweet bite, to create new flavors that satisfy people's cravings when they taste them.

At some point, I thought: everyone loves cakes, so I am going to make the best cakes and I will make people love how they taste and how they look, that's why I make them look unique.

You said you were let go from your job, but that didn’t stop you from doing what you love. What makes you drive?

That's right, I have thought that in the midst of difficult situations new opportunities are always born, in this case, that I lost my job I decided to continue and do what I love, my husband and daughter encouraged me, they are my greatest inspiration to continue and be my best self.

Tell us something about your childhood that connects you to today in your profession as a pastry chef today?

I grew up with my grandmother, while my parents worked, she took care of me and my brothers, I remember being about 8 years old and I used to stand in the kitchen with her to watch her cook. She taught me to do everything in the kitchen with love, and with dedication, I believe that the love of cooking was inherited from her when I grew up and began to prepare delicious dishes and desserts for my family. I understood what she felt.

Is there someone in your life that you look up to and has a big impact on your talent?

I have always had the constancy of my parents, the determination to do what I love, just go for it. I think these are the most precious values that have made me the person I am now.

Which celebrity chef would you love to cook with or cook for?

I will like to cook with Dinara Kasko, she is a Ukrainian architectural Pastry chef, she applied her architectural and 3D design knowledge to create different desserts and start his own mold brand. Her creations are awesome.

What is life to you?

Life to me is to do what comes from my heart, give everything to get it, make people I love happy, breathe and thank God every day for being alive.

Besides making these amazing desserts, what else are you working on that you would love for us to know?

As I mentioned earlier uniting my two great passions to create a product that people will love.

What are the challenges you have faced in your profession?

As in every career there are things that are more difficult than others, when you are learning an art your first experiences are not so good, for this reason, it is necessary to try and try each time and become a professional in what you love to do. At first you will face great challenges that you think you will not overcome, but with determination and perseverance everything is possible. The most important thing is to believe that you can do it.


Which dessert is your best seller?

Blueberries and strawberry cheesecake.

5 Shot Questions:

If you had a superpower what would it be?

To fly

Where’s your favorite place in the universe?

Sunset in Brooklyn bridge

Chocolate or vanilla?


Worse place to get lost?

In the middle of a concert

Best place you have traveled to?

San Francisco California, to visit the golden gate bridge

Your favorite candy?

gummy bears

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