• Elsie Hernandez

Sky's Music Video Review

In this review I chose most of the songs because I like the rhythms and the beats.

My mom says Nicki Minaj's music and videos are inappropriate for me to watch and listen to because she curses a lot, but she let me listen to the clean edited version of this one and it's pretty cool. "Starships" with Nicki Minaj.

I like that the video starts with a beach scene and how the people are covered in neon. I like her colorful hairstyles and all the colors mixed in the music video. I like how the party scenes and the how the people glow.

My next video is "Side to Side" with Adriana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj again, unfortunately mom couldn't find a clean version so we posted the performance from the MTV Awards.

I like Adriana's hair and makeup and the bangs. I like Nicki's pink body suit and style. I like their beauty and the way they sing to the audience.

My next music video is "Me Too" with Meghan Trainor, who my mom says is the best one for me to listen one for me to listen to. She's confident and she's positive with her words.

I like the dance beats in her song. I like the scene at the beginning of her waking up dancing and chooses a giraffe suit to go to work. I like how she sings and wakes up in a good mood. I like her trying on different outfits and he makeup session. I like her dance steps and her blue asymmetrical dress. I can't wait to meet her one day. I like her style.

Now this video is touching to me, "Who's Laughing Now" by Jessie J.

I like at the beginning all the girls dressed in pink looking at her. Even though they bully her but she stands up to them at the end. I like the way she stands up for herself through music. I like that there is a mini Jessie and adult Jessie singing. I like the lyrics because I can relate to them and I love music too. They usually insult me in school and ignore me so this is how I'm feeling at times. They talk about me and my mom gets upset when I tell her, she wants to defend me but I tell her that she can't do that. That's not what they do in Jessie Jay's song and we laugh.

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