• Elsie Hernandez

Sky's Music Videos Review

"Confident" by Demi Lovato

My mom told me that many years ago Demi was bullied and I was glad because I was feeling the same way she felt. I like how they start the beat in this video and I like Demi Lovato's short haircut. I hate that she has to get a burn tattoo for the spy company. I like all the action and how they are fighting. I don’t like how the other girl put handcuffs on her and almost put her in jail. I like how Demi rolled up her sleeve and had the same tattoo like the girl and I like how the girls became friends. I like that when both of the men touch her, she punched them meaning for them to put their hands off of her. I like that the men see the security camera and both the girls get in the car and they busted through the television and drove inside. They beat up the bad men. I like Demi's spy body suit and I like how they arrested the man that should be in jail.

"Focus" by Ariana Grande

I like how in the beginning there's a close up on her eyes, showing her great eyebrows. I don’t like that she is in a tight circle. I like Ariana s hair and I like Ariana s neon star dress. I like how the background lights up. I like how she is playing the trumpet. I like how they form a line and a ball rolls on their backs. I don’t like how Ariana and her dancer's legs are stuck in the wall. I also like Ariana nails I don’t like that she said a curse word though.

"What a Girl is" by Dove Cameron

I like in the beginning when their making a video on their computer. I like Dove Cameron s lyrics because they are inspiring. I like how the girls are goofing around in Dove s room. I like how the boys were walking stop to listen to the girl's music and went into Dove s house to join in the fun. I like how the other girl has a pink jacket and sunglasses and is rapping some funky lyrics. I like how all the girls are dancing in the room and I like Dove s scarf. I like how when Dove is singing and everyone is forming a circle around her. I like how they are fooling around and using props. I like how they are all wearing animals masks. I like how at the end of the video Dove sang the lyrics "show me what a girl is" and made a pics of every girl. My mom says she really likes Dove Cameron. I like how the other girl is holding silver pompoms. I don’t like that the girl in the green shirt did not sing.

"Only Girl in the World" by Rihanna

I like how the wind is blowing in the beginning. I like Rihanna's pink hair. I like how she is throwing flower petals at the camera. I like that there is a lot of flowers involved in this video. I like Rihanna's outfit. I like Rihanna's makeup and I like how the balloons are flowing. I like how she is sitting next to a big flower prop. I like how she is standing on something and singing and how she is sitting on a swing and smiling. I like how she picks a flower and I like all the fireworks in the background when she is singing. I also like the lyrics in her song and how there are lanterns hanging from the tree it looks pretty