• Elsie Hernandez

Sky's Ocean Cupcake Review

We love cupcakes. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Sky and I decided that reviewing vanilla cupcakes from different bakers could be absolutely fun, so we did. We picked a few from our neighborhood bakers, including myself (well if you consider Duncan Hines actual baking). We chose "Brooklyn Cupcakes" located in the Atlas Mall in Glendale, Queens, "Rudy's Pastry Shop" in Ridgewood, Queens, our local "Stop & Shop" and home "Duncan Hines" baked. Each cupcake is yellow cake and frosted with vanilla frosting.

Duncan Hines (1st to the left)

Yellow cake Duncan Hines Box baked cupcake. with Duncan Hines frosting baked by us was tasty. The cake was moist and and the frosting was rich. Although artificially too sweet. With this we are bake 24 cupcakes and if you catch the sales you can make it for about $4.00. You really can't beat that.

Stop & Shop Supermarket (2nd to the left)

These cupcakes were actually good. The cake was moist and great in flavor. The frosting was good but a little too sweet and you can't go wrong with the see thru package and 6 cupcakes for only $3.99. It's not our first choice, but it's not bad, especially if you need cupcakes in a rush.

Brooklyn Cupcake (3rd to the left)

We found Brooklyn's vanilla cupcake to be moist and we loved the frosting. The frosting was not too sweet and just right in flavor. However the little kiosk in the mall is kind of dim and it's not what you expect when you walk into a cupcake place. Sky and I are always cheerful and excited, unlike the girls at the counter and I'm not to keen on the cupcake packaged in a Chinese take out container. However Sky thought it was cute to have her doll hold it.

Rudy's Pastry Shop (4th to the left)

We found Rudy's vanilla cupcake to be a bit dense and the frosting was shiny and not too tasty. Rudy's shop is cute, but not really kid friendly. We like the way they packaged our cupcake in a see thru container. The customer service was okay and we barely stood in the shop.

Results of all four cupcakes

Our first choice has to be Duncan Hines, but maybe with a homemade frosting next time.

Our second choice has to be Brooklyn Cupcakes, the cupcake was moist and the frosting was delicious.

Our third choice is Stop & Shop, their cupcake was also moist and economical.

And last of all was Rudy's cupcake, even though it's not our favorite the cupcake still had some flavor.