• Elsie Hernandez

Sky’s view on Fairy Tales and Reality

Sky’s view on fairy tales and reality

Up to this day I knew that we both loved the stories and the movies created from fairy tales, however Sky has taken a real focus into the plots, characters and the meanings of the stories. Which got us into a deep discussion on fairy tales and reality.

Usually during after school pick ups and long ride discussions we like to discuss movies ideas and pretty much anything that comes to mind. Sky's favorite subject is always on villans and their stories, oddly enough on this day we came across Sky's point of view on fairy tales. I have to say I was quite impressed but couldn't help being a little disappointed that my baby is growing up. Most of our favorites tales are based on love stories , because if you are a subscriber you know that we just love Love.

Sky has always talked about the fact that most of the mothers in these stories are dead, if not sometimes both parents. Now with her own research she has broken down the lifestyles, the motives and the characteristics. I have learned in the past years how much she likes researching, and that's one reason why I started this blog in the first place. We love reading the stories out loud. I'm aware that some parents may refuse to read these kind of books to their children for whatever reason, but being a mom and aunt I have always read fairy tales to my girls and my grow nieces have become intelligent, independent women. By having a sense of hero and villain, of conquering evil and facing challenges, it helps teach children to understand other literature and forms of entertainment they will come across, and it is a great enjoyment to see that everything comes from love.

These tales help children to understand how to deal with challenges that arise in their own lives and learn that everyone that looks nice is not always out to help them. For parents this is a way to reference to their kids how things can happen with bad people or showing how hatred works. Anyway, while parents can choose what stories they tell their children at home, they can't stop their children from hearing disturbing stories from other sources. During our talk Sky stated how she views fairy tales and how sometimes the stories can blur the truth about reality to the younger children. Like for example, animals talking and beautiful girls getting married to a prince. I asked her, did you ever think things can talk and she said no but some might. She also pointed out how she appreciated the scene in finding Nemo, when the shark Bruce's personality changes when he senses blood and his instincts start to kick in, making him turn into a mindless, fish eating shark which almost made him eat his friends Marlin and Dora. sky states that this is reality and out in the ocean this is what sea animals do.

She may be right, but I explained to her that as we grow, we tend to understand that fairy tales are just fantasies, but that we have enjoyed them for many many years because they are entertaining.

According to this interesting article "The Positive Impact of Fairy Tales for Children" written by Leilani VisikoKnox-Johnson, Lelani writes about the importance of fairy tales and how through them children learn to understand the world. I found this article to be very resourceful, especially when you are learning about your child's development.