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Skys Ocean's Fabulous Interview with NY Pastry Chef Sabine Garrido owner of bakery "A Love

A Love For Cakes

With a name like “A Love for Cakes” and a cute designed bakery shop to go with it, we knew we would love the owner Pastry Chef Sabine Garrido. The day I passed by to ask Sabine about getting an interview for Skys Ocean, she immediately said yes with a welcoming smile on her face. I also noticed an exquisitely designed unicorn cake on display, through the window of her front refrigerator where she keeps her latest creations. There’s nothing like seeing great work up close that also takes delicious for any occasion. Sabine is also a recipient of an award on “Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice 2016”. How amazing is that! This bakery or studio as Sabine likes to call it, is like a hidden treasure in Queens, located on 6016 Fresh Pond Road in Maspeth, NY. They work by appointment only.

Tell us about your company and how did you get started?

We started our own business in 2012, after having worked as a pastry chef in Manhattan for five years.

When did you first start baking? When did you know you wanted to bake these fabulous cakes?

I started baking as a child and got the cake bug when I was working as a pastry chef for an event space. Seeing all these fabulous wedding cakes made me realize what I really wanted to do.

To me cake designing is a form of art. What inspires you when designing your cakes?

I think of it as more of a craft. My clients are the real inspiration, trying to figure out what they have in mind and turning their vision into the final design is very rewarding.

What brought you to Maspeth, Queens?

Finding the studio space really. I wanted the right ambiance to work in and have space so clients could come visit and have tastings, rather have a more central location. We got lucky with our space.

It seems that baking cakes are a trend these days, what makes your cakes unique from all the rest?

Our clients all underline that our cakes taste much better than most of the ones they have had so far. Our baking style is European based and less sweet than most bakeries. Also our customer service gets a lot of praise and we try to pay more attention to details than a lot of other places.

Which is your favorite occasion to bake cakes for?

Children’s Birthday Cakes. They are so much fun and always something new to discover.

What’s your favorite cake to bake and your favorite cake and frosting combination?

My favorite flavor combination is an Almond cake with a Bavarian Cream, poached pears and toasted almonds.

What are you favorite trends when it comes to wedding desserts?

I am really old fashioned when it comes to dessert flavors, not much for trends that come and go. I love nothing better than a spectacular Viennese Table setting.

What are the challenges that you face in this business?

There are not enough hours in the day.

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are ordering their cake and desserts?

Don’t save on money for tastings. You want to make sure your desserts taste as good as they look.

Do you have any tips or advice for others who are looking to start their own bakery?

Make sure you get a few years experience in a professional set up before you launch your own enterprise.

How does it feel working for yourself?

Very rewarding.

Well there you have it! So for your next wedding or special occasion reach out to "A Love For Cakes" where the customer service is highly rated and the cakes are known to be delicious!

Thanks Sabine! For more about "A Love For Cakes", check out her website


6016 Fresh Pond Road

Maspeth, Queens New York 11378


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