• Elsie Hernandez

SkysOcean Review of the Super Delicious Molten Chocolate Cake

Once in a while we treat ourselves to some great dessert, and at a whopping 1200 calories this Molten Chocolate Cake is meant to be shared and as a once in a while kind of treat. You can find at the Chilis ( Now we can’t speak for all of the restaurants, but our favorite is located in Glendale, NY. One major thing we like about this restaurant is that is has an inviting atmosphere and it is family oriented. The staff is always pleasant, at this visit we were served by the waitress Sarah and she was awesome!

Great service only adds to the great experience of indulging in this moist chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center topped with vanilla ice cream & a thin chocolate shell. Oh my god it’s like biting into heaven and I am not exaggerating. As you scoop in with your spoon the hot chocolate spills out of it like lava out of a moist volcano. The ice cream blends in just right with the cake and chocolate, it’s like an explosion in your mouth. If you have never tried it, it’s definitely a must!