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SkysOcean's Amazing Interview With Hip Hop Artist Q Taylor

Courtesy of Cue Productions

Hip Hop Artist Q Taylor

Q Taylor is a gentleman full of many artistic talents and a great passion for music, Enough to bring together a great team at Cue Productions company. Just listening to his latest song "What I Know" and from his inspirational words in this interview, you can easily see that Q is heading to create great things.

Where did you grow up?

Queens, NY. (East Elmhurst) aka “The Hurst” to be exact.

What is your musical background?

I was brought up in the recording studio when I was very young, up till the point my dad decided to switch business ventures. After that, growing up, I was always enrolled in some type of music class that incorporated instruments, as well as, participating in the church choir until I left for boarding school in 9th grade. Come 11th grade, I found myself singing in my high school’s Choir/Chamber singers where I had the opportunity to travel the country and participate in various singing competitions.

Courtesy of Cue Productions

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite artists?

My biggest influences have to come from the very people in my life and the events that take place across the world every day. With a world that is always changing there is always something new and fresh to touch upon and a lesson to learn from. As far as having a favorite artist, there isn’t just one, so the list is as follows: Drake, Kendrick, Jay-Z, P.Diddy, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Tribe-Called-Quest, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross just to name a few, but the list can go on for days.

What would you call you music genre?

I think I fall into a few genres due to my versatility, but if I had to choose just one, I’d probably be categorized as a Hip-Hop artist.

How would you describe your own style? What makes you unique?

I could describe my style as edgy, but laid back. Very versatile in the sense that I can give you any emotion you may be in the mood for. I can bring the energy to a track if need be or I can relax and give you nothing but vibes. What makes me unique is my sense of understanding. Having knowledge of what people may be growing through allows me to aide them.

If given the opportunity who would you collaborate with?

Now, this is a tough question. I would love to collaborate with DJ Khaled because we are very similar when it comes to our mogul mindsets. It’d be cool to pick his brain. Also considering Khaled always has like 20 people on a song (exaggerating), it’d be a perfect opportunity to work with various artist at the same time.

Courtesy of Cue Productions

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

The main inspirations come from situations I’ve grown through or what the people around me have grown through or may be experiencing currently. I think about the kid that may be lost mentally and is trying to figure out their next move. I think about the young entrepreneurs of the future. I think about the young kid that may be too nerdy for the hood kids, but too hood for the nerds. I think about those kids when I write because I saw a lot of that in me when I was coming up in life. I want to be the voice of reason for the people all while doing it in the most fun approachable way.

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Do you have any other talents that you also love.

My true passion is film and photography, which somewhat sparked the idea of me venturing on this music journey. Early on I didn’t have much of a clientele when it came to shooting, so I decided to create my own content to shoot to. Rallying up cousins who can also rap, I took things a step further and decided to start my own production company called Cue2 Productions, which I’m signed to as well.

What would be your dream venue in which to perform?

As a true New Yorker I’m going to have to say Madison Square Garden.

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What is life to you?

Life to me is the very thing that keeps us alive. Without life we wouldn’t get to experience the many things it has to offer us thus making us very boring individuals. Life allows us to learn and grow alone and with one another. Life also teaches us how to coexist with one another. Without life we’d be here physically, but absent mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you have any new projects that we should be looking out for?

Yes, my camp and team is constantly working. As of right now I’m currently focused on getting features for songs and featuring on songs. Also I’m expanding Cue2 Productions. I’m looking to add a couple shows and social platforms into the mix. Last thing to be on the lookout for is new music and videos from myself and my fellow Cue2 artist Quell.

We loved this interview! We look forward to listening to more of Q's work!!

Thank you Q!!!!

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