• Elsie Hernandez

SkysOcean's Audio Review of the Movie Original & Remake

Sky has been begging me for years to let her see a horror movie. She watches the trailers that appear and tries to convince me that she's missing out on something. She actually dissects the whole movie. I'm serious, she researches the story to the point that it's not scary anymore. She learns about the actors, the director, like every detail about the movie. She can drive me bananas with it sometimes. I remember watching my first horror movie when I was her age, but I also remember that I couldn't sleep that entire night. However, being that Sky takes the time to take the movies apart, before she can actually see it, gave me a reason to give in. I allowed her to watch Carrie and if she's was going to watch a horror movie, the only way is if she watched the classic. She then later found the remake and an actual live performance on stage. This review is different. Throughout  my next posts, you will notice us experimenting with media a bit. In this post we decided to audio record our review. Take a listen, tell us what you think.


Carrie (1976) :

Carrie (2013):