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SkysOcean's Incredible Interview with the Fabulous Actor/Stunt Performer Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro

Sky's First Live Interview with Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro

Not only is Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro stunning, she is also a talented actor/stunt performer, an incredibly humble person and absolutely an inspirational woman. She also has so much love for the wildlife and is very involved, that once at the age of thirteen she saved a newborn raccoon and raised it until it was strong enough to be set back into the wild. That takes someone with a big heart to do something like that. Having the opportunity to meet someone so talented and sweet was memorable to Sky and I. We are so glad we picked such an amazing person for Sky’s first live interview. This was definitely a blessing in disguise, an experience that will never be forgotten. Evelyn has worked in the film & TV industry for a combined twenty years as an actor, dancer, TV host, TV commercial writer, producer, director and stunt performer. I'm sure after reading this interview you would agree at how awesome Evelyn is!!

Did you always want to be an actress?

Yes. Since I was a little girl, I was always performing for my family and whoever would watch. I think I started performing for my parents since about the age of four. I started dancing and putting on these little acts and costumes on. I would just become these characters and it’s pretty much the main business I’ve worked in for most of my life.

How do you break into the field?

Well, it's not easy I will be very honest with you. I think training is very important. You can go to acting school or take some acting classes, but if you have a personality that the casting directors like and if you get an audition that mommy can get you into and they like you, sometimes that can be your start. Sometimes children are naturally good in front of the camera and they start their careers at very young ages.

We know you have dabbled into a lot of things like acting, performing stunts, and television hosting. Tell us what inspired you to become great at all of these things? What does it take to become great in your profession?

I think having good mentors in your life along the way is very important and I’ve been very, very fortunate to have mentors in my TV hosting career. I had a mentor who is also a very good friend of mine today, her name is Patricia Murphy Stark and she’s a celebrity reporter for Fox News. She was my hosting coach and she was a great mentor to me. She’s a good friend and a wonderful lady. If I have a question, I can always call her even still today. In the acting industry, it was a little harder because none of my family members come from that world, most of my family members were dancers. So I kind of had to hustle and make my own way. I had to figure things out, but nowadays with the internet you can do so much research and find out about castings, acting classes, and how to get into small independent films and auditons. In the stunt world I got very, very lucky because I happened to be on the set of “Shades of Blue” and there was a gentleman by the name of Jery Hewitt who is a legendary stunt coordinator and performer. He’s done so many movies and is very knowledgable in the field. He became a mentor to me and introduced me to another mentor named Chazz Menendez. Chazz is a stunt coordinator on the show “Power” and has coordinated for Jery on "Shades of Blue” and other shows. He’s also a working stunt man and stunt coach. Having mentors is really a good thing.

What goes through your mind when you are performing?

First thing, I am very excited and the adrenaline is really going. That adrenaline sometimes causes nerves, you get a little nervous, but getting nervous can be a good thing because that means you challenge yourself to be the best that you can be in front of the camera. What's going through my mind is that I want to make the director happy, that is always the number one thing. When the director is happy then you made it through to finish line. I always make sure I am professional, know my lines really really well and ready to take and follow direction.

Who would you like to work with if given the opportunity? Who have you worked with?

I would love the opportunity to work more with Jennifer Lopez, I would love to work with her in the stunt world. I'm hoping that one day I can be one of her stunt doubles, that's what I'm hoping and training to do. I do work with her every so often now, but I work in another capacity as a photo double, but I'm hoping to bring that up to the level of doing stunts for her. I’d also love the opportunity to audition for "Orange is the New Black". Coming from a Bronx background, I have a bit of a street edge that I believe would make for a great match for a character on the show.

Did you ever get star struck? If yes, with who? Yes, I did get star struck once, I was hosting on a red carpet on a film that was coming out that had Leonardo DiCaprio acting in it and Leo was coming down the carpet and I got to interview him and I was blown away. He just has this light around him that is so special and that's pretty much the only time that really ever happened. I’ve worked with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, I've worked with a lot of top stars and I just treat them like the human beings that they are. I don’t get star struck for them, but for some reason Leonardo DiCaprio that was just a different story all together. Of course I held it together, but I just had a big smile in my heart, and at that point I knew I was star struck.

Evelyn on the red carpet at ITVfest. Evelyn is also the owner of Famous Red Carpets which produces red carpets for events.

Which kind of stunts have you done? I just recently did a stunt for the TV show "Blindspot" where I had to play a prisoner and fight with other prison girls, and in that TV show there is a very famous MM fighter named Ronda Rousey who I got to fight with her in the scene. I also just did "Law and Order", Orange is the New Black and Blue Bloods. I also do underwater stunts. Skylar, I can send you my stunt reel, but mommy has to approve it. As a stunt person I do handle fake guns and fake knives. I do get to play roles of FBI agents trying to get the bad guys.

Has there ever been a stunt you’ve questioned doing? That’s a really good question, Skylar. Let me tell you how this works…when the stunt coordinator calls (the stunt coordinator is the person that hires you to do the stunt scenes), they call you to see if you are available and if I am not booked I say “yes”. The last thing I’m going to ask them is what that stunt is because if that stunt coordinator wanted me to be lit on fire, or jump from a high building, or go deep deep under the water for long periods of time, they would ask the people that are specifically trained to do that. The stunts that they are asking me to do are the stunts they know I can handle. So I have yet to question any stunts. Anything that I can do, those coordinators know that I can do. This weekend I’m actually doing a high fall training. I will be jumping off a high structure created for training onto big blow up bags. So I haven’t questioned any of them yet, but that’s an excellent question.

Evelyn during our Skype interview

What has been the worst injury you’ve received while working and the most fun stunt you’ve experienced? I have never hurt myself during stunts thank goodness and I say that knowing that there is always a possibility of getting hurt. So I say that and I am grateful about not being hurt during a stunt. The worse I got was someone stabbed me in the eye with a wooden sword and I have a little scar the size of a dot by my eye, so that’s the worse I’ve ever gotten. The most fun stunt was when I got to fight for "Blind Spot" fighting with Ronda Rousey, that prison fight was really cool and I’m hoping to get more work with them.

If I ever needed to, how would I jump off a building to escape?

You don't unless you really, really had to, it takes proper training. You can fall on your head or really injure yourself. So don't do that mama. What I suggest for emergency purposes only, is to get one of those portable ladders that are inexpensive to buy and you can use it to climb out of a two story window.

If I ever needed to, how would I jump off a building to escape? You don't unless you really, really had to, it takes proper training. You can fall on your head or really injure yourself. So don't do that mama. What I suggest for emergencies purposes only, is to get one of those portable ladders that are inexpensive to buy and you can use it to climb out of a two story window. Competition can be scary in this industry, what is something that keeps you strong when the pressure is on?

Well, I think to have good friends and a good family that support you even before you leave the house is a great thing. When you have people in your life that make you feel confident that you are going to have a great and successful day, that is a really good start. For anything that you do when you have good supportive family like mommy- mommy is so supportive of you, that is key. The world out there is very very competitive and very scary at times, but if you leave out there with the support of your family and friends you should do okay for the rest of the day.

What is life to you? What is life to me? My life now is different than when I was your age, but that’s a good thing because as we get older we become wiser. Life to me is about my family and my friends first and foremost. My family comes first and my furry children, my two doggies Zuma and Cooper. Then everything else comes after. So to me, life is about is making sure we have good connections with our families and our friends, being kind and supportive to others and our environment.

What is one of your passions?

My big passion in life is animal rescue and specifically helping the "Potcake Dogs" of the Bahamas. They're the free roaming island dogs that are often homeless and in need of forever homes. I used my skills learned onset to produce, direct and film a full feature documentary called "It's a Potluck Life" to tell their story. It's filled with hope, courage and inspiration and leaves audience members with smiles on their hearts. It helped raise a lot of donations which I gave to all the rescuers in Abaco, Bahamas.

What other talents do you have besides being a beautiful smart woman? Awe. That is so sweet of you to say. I tell you what Skylar a girl can never get tired of hearing that, so thank you very much. Um, I am a free diver. I love to swim deep under the water and hold my breath for long periods of time, so I can spend a lot of time under the ocean with the beautiful fish without using a tank. I can actually use a tank because I'm a Certified Rescue Diver, but I like to go down with a snorkel and mask so I can spend a lot of time with the fish. I am also a very good horse back rider and I can wake board and snowboard. I love extreme sports. Oh, and I can also dive for my own shell fish like conch and cook it on the beach. You are very athletic, what pushes you? You know I was born very athletic. I’ve always had this physical ability that was a little bit strange. My mom said I was walking at a very young age, I think she said I was walking at about eight months and climbed everything in sight, including every tree in the neighborhood. I was a hip hop dancer for several years which got me my start in television and I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Fortunately, I was able to do outdoorsy growing up as a kid. I was also always an adrenaline junkie. I love wakeboarding, snowboarding and anything that allows me to challenge myself physically. I was born with a very athletic spirit and ability.

Evelyn during her role as host and scuba diver for the TV show ‘Ultimate Diver Challenge’.

Do you have any advice for young women that want to get into this industry? Yes, I do. First I think you should ask yourself what type of work you want to do in the industry. If it is in front of the camera, behind the camera or if it's helping other actors get ready. There are so many different roles in the business. There are producers, directors, there's camera people, makeup artists, and the fashion experts. Then there are the people that work in front of the camera and if you do want to work in front of the camera. If you decide you want to be a commercial actor, commercials are a whole different animal than working in films and television. There are some people that make a very good living doing commercials. I don’t know if you know the woman on the "Mop and Glow" commercial, she’s also on many other commercials. There are all kinds of acting opportunities, including theater. So it’s good to focus on one particular area first and then when you get really big and confident you can dive into other areas as well. TV commercial acting is a good way to get in and Skylar you have a very good look and a pretty smile so the casting directors will like you. (Sky makes a silly pig face) They like great personalities and you seem like you would be great. What is it like for Latinas in this industry? Well, it’s getting better, there's a lot more roles that are coming up that Latinas can go out for. Which is great, because it wasn’t always like that before, but it’s starting to get better and the world is recognizing that Latinos and Latinas have a lot to offer. We are very funny people, we are also very professional and very intelligent and talented. I know that they are recognizing that because you see more and more roles where they are using Latinos in the TV shows and in the films. Are you working on any new projects that we should look out for? Yes, I am, I’m working on two scenes right now, but they won't be out for a little while. One called “Tales of a Scorpio's Stinger”, that is coming out in about a year from now so that’s not around the corner, but the minute I do a TV show I am going to let you know so you can watch it. Evelyn's Stunt Reel

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