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"We are creatives by nature, there is so much that inspires us"..Co-Host, Lisa & Rebecca

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Imagine going to wedding, after wedding and watching all of the stuff that comes into it and out of it. Wedding photographers, Rebecca Lozer and Lisa Mark from the podcast The Secret Life of Weddings are the perfect story teller duo who are able to bring to life the craziness of wedding days and keep us laughing as they comment and describe them. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m in the room with them just cracking up. Which oddly enough has kept me addicted to their show. Not to mention their passion for putting out great content, especially the wedding stories that are sent them. Both married with children, but still manage to host a podcast, photograph weddings and even brand their own merchandise. Pretty cool stuff for two Canadian boss ladies. I'm sure you would agree after reading this interview. All of the photographs were taken from The Secret life of Weddings website and Instagram.

Photo is a courtesy of Secret Life of Wedding Website

When did you know you wanted to photograph weddings and talk about them?

We definitely have our own individual story for how, why and when we decided to photograph weddings. But as for talking about them, that all started over drinks one night while chatting about a difficult client. As wedding photographers and friends, we like to meet up and chat about everything under the sun. As well as discuss work with someone who can understand and relate to the business. We quickly came to the idea that we should make this into a podcast. Make it about all the stories you don't hear about. All the moments that are not talked about and all the things couples need to hear, because the day isn't always perfect. Two weeks later, with some mic's and a little research, the podcast was live.

Has anyone ever recognized one of the stories that you spoke about and got offended by your comments. I mean excluding the people that submit the stories.

Oddly enough, this has not been an issue yet, despite being a two year old weekly podcast. I'm sure one day it will happen, but for now everyone just enjoys the stories.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We are creatives by nature, there is much that inspires us.

If you could attend a celebrity wedding, which one do you think would have some funny stories to tell?

Honestly, every wedding has a funny story. I think more people are just aware and willing to share them now, which works well for us, but if we had to choose, Lisa would probably say Kevin Smith, because well, it's Kevin Smith and he's just hilarious so something is bound to happen.

Photo is a courtesy of Secret Life of Wedding Website

I (Rebecca) would say Ryan Reynolds, again because I find him absolutely hilarious. It is well known they are both married, so the best we can hope for is a vow renewal and of course an invite.

Who’s wedding would you have love to photograph?

Every client we have photographed and all the future couples as well. Every couple has their own unique story, it's beautiful and truly an honour to be trusted to do this job.

What else are you working on that we should be looking out for?

We are very excited to soon be releasing another podcast that we hope everyone will enjoy just as much as The Secret Life of Weddings. Please be on the lookout for it coming soon.

How has The Secret life of Weddings podcast changed your lives?

The Secret Life of Weddings has allowed us to have a voice in an industry that is often misunderstood. We have been fortunate enough to travel and speak at podcast conventions and team up with great companies like Flick chat. It really has opened us up to a whole new industry that we are embracing and running with.

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What are the challenges that you face in this business?

Expectations, of clients and other wedding vendors. We wrote a blog about vendor entitlement and that has to be the biggest challenge in this industry. You can read more about it over on our blog, we dive deep into the reasons behind this.

Who are your favorite people to work beside during the weddings that you shoot?

The wedding planners, they generally just make the day run smoothly, and that is priceless!

You guys vibe so well together, why do you think your relationship works?

We are friends first and we both have our strengths and weaknesses. We know we can count on the other, which is huge in any partnership and also rare. We have respect for one another and honestly we just know each other quite well, each others limits, when to push and when not to push.

So glad we found each other and are on this journey together.

What’s the worse part of photographing weddings and what’s the best part?

Having to go to the bathroom when there isn't time lol..... at least for me (Rebecca) that's the hardest part. The best part is a toss between the moment of getting ready and the vows. I love the emotion attached to these moments, when they are just lost in their thoughts and in the moment.

We all know about bridezillas, what’s the worse thing a bride or groom can do to make your job difficult?

We both would definitely say, not trusting us. It seems easy enough, but it comes through in every aspect of the day. From micromanaging us to barking orders at us, this generally stems from a lack of trust in our ability.

Be sure to hire someone you trust!

What other talents do you guys have, besides being great story tellers and photographers.

Lisa is an amazing artist, from drawing amazing musicians and celebrities to creating unique cakes for those she loves, she really is a massive talent.

Our 5 shot questions

What's your favorite candy?

Lisa- nerds

Rebecca- sour keys

If you can have a super power what would it be? What would be your superhero name?

Rebecca- read minds (then I could stop overthinking so much)

Worse place to get loss?

A forest .... one without a trail.

Favorite wedding song of all-time?

Rebecca- lol none... I have been shooting for over 11 years, they all are equal.

Small weddings or big weddings?

Rebecca- small (I love the intimacy of smaller scale weddings)

We loved this interview! Thank you Rebecca and Lisa (The Secret Life of Weddings)! You guys are awesome and are so much fun. Imagine talking about something that you love all the time and actually being able to share it with the world. That's fabulous! As they quote on their website "anything can happen at weddings ... and we will be here to tell you all about it." and it's easy to subscribe to their show on Apple Podcast and a few others mentioned below. Support them with a five star rating and a comment on Apple Podcast and all of the other podcasts, this really helps them grow. Also please don't forget to subscribe to our blog as well. We love you guys and thank you for the support!


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