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Snezhana’s Romantic Getaway To Peru

Snezhana's trip to Peru.

Since I live vicariously through my friends when it comes to traveling, because I fear long flight rides, I love hearing and seeing their stories. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t stay behind on the adventures, but let’s just say I keep it closer to the ground. I have a passionate nature about the outdoors and the added romance just makes it even more magical. Now Sky on the other hand is not so outdoorsy, but I feel in time she would learn to stop to breathe the air and appreciate nature as much as I do. I won’t stop showing her the world even if most of our trips are local, long road trips and less than three hour plane rides. Well getting back to Snezhana’s beautiful trip to Peru. Snezhana and her husband were fortunate enough to create such a beautiful experience that they will cherish forever. She went on an adventurous trip that she booked through www.alcaexpeditons. com. Her photographs left me in awe. I’m sure you would agree!!!

Courtesy of Snezhana

In front Mountains Colors in Apu Winicunca.

As Snezhana explained, this isn't any ordinary vacation. To go on this trip you must be willing to take a plane ride to Lima, Peru and then another to Cusco, Peru where you will spend a day or two adjusting to the climate, before you go on your journey to the mountains. Then in the next day prepare to wake up at 4am to start your day, take a ride on a mini bus, followed by a majestic glass ceiling train ride to hike up a mountain, then camp out while you watch the breathtaking sundown. Snezhana said, the hike was moderately challenging, but so worth it! An adventure indeed.

Courtesy of Snezhana

"Having a personal chef on this trail was absolutely an incredible experience, it truly was a romantic setting". The open fire popcorn was really cool and it was the most delicious that I have ever tasted. Everything was delicious and so fresh and enjoyable on the foot of the Machu Picchu mountain".

Courtesy of Snezhana

According to Snezhana, the history of Machu Picchu was fascinating to hear about and the llamas on the mountain were a delight to see. The tour guide was amazing and very informative about on the Inca history, which made the trip even more exciting.

Courtesy of Snezhana

The Inca society was fascinating, according to the tour guide the people here are of pure nationality, because when the invasions started in the past they managed to hide in the Machu Picchu mountains and it has been kept that way since.

Courtesy of Snezhana

A little Brief description of the Alpaca Expeditions and what they do for the community. Taken from their website
We think that it is fabulous how this company helps contribute towards this community that help keeps it's culture alive.
Alpaca Expeditions is really proud of the work we do for our community. This is a main focus for our company. We have worked with villages directly to help supply them with needs their families were missing. We have supported local schools with by giving them computers and books. We currently sponsor a teacher at the village most of our porters come from to ensure their children are offered the best education.We buy all our food from local farmers and markets and serve the freshest ingredients. We provide English classes for all our team: guides, porters, chefs and drivers. And we are building a house for our porters to give them a safe and comfortable place to stay before and after our treks so they no longer need to sleep on the floor of a friend. And twice every year we bring our porters and their families to Machu Picchu. This is our favorite trip to do as they guys who work tirelessly have never visited the Lost Citadel of the Incas. Showing them this place is our biggest honor. We are always looking to do more and for partners. Please let us know of your ideas and we will work to help.
Can I tell you how much I love this post! Thank you Snezhana!! For giving us a little part of your wonderful trip and thank you all for stopping by to read.
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