• Elsie Hernandez

The American Girl Birthday Experience

Like most girls today Skylar loves everything about American Girl dolls. You really have to make the reservations for the cafe way in advance for a birthday celebration. So the day finally came and I have to say it was well worth the wait. At first I thought it was too pricey, but truth is the experience was really memorable. The Christmas season makes the experience even more exciting, because there is so much to see during this time. The waitstaff at the cafe were delightful, the decor was really pretty and the little extras like allowing you to borrow an American Girl to dine with and having chairs for them to sit at the table. From the bow ties on the napkins, the cup and saucers for the dolls, and the flowers in the flower pots that were filled with ice-cream, all little things that you can take home. Everything was pink and black, Sky and I can never get over loving pink things.

With the birthday package they offer a really pretty designed paper crown (however we brought our own crown) for Skylar and her dolls, a beautiful pink tasty cake, and a goodie bag that came with a balloon wand, a book and a celebrate t-shirt which was perfect for the doll Izzy that she kept hidden in her backpack. Yes she was hidden! Izzy looks like a disaster and we brought her along just to take her to the doll hospital, but that's another story. We started with the delicious warm mini cinnamon rolls, a platter for appetizers, the meal of your choice from their menu and finally the delicious cake. Everything is kind of mini size except for the meal, so maybe it's best to keep the ones with big appetites at home.

Sky immediately said, "Mom this is such a different experience, I love it here" We made friends with our neighbors at the table who were visiting from Miami and also had a birthday. Did I mention the cake was amazing!!! We definitely will make another reservation to the cafe, the experience was so much fun for Sky and I. Afterwards we walked through the store to look at all of the other dolls and Sky stopped to tell me about all of the dolls that she knew from all of the books and movies she has seen. For a single mom this can be a lot, but I have to say it's well worth the smile on Sky's face, that's priceless.