• Elsie Hernandez

The difference between Bank of America and TD Bank.

We live in an era where we rely on the internet for information and carry around with our debit cards to make purchases everywhere.

Well sometimes you just need that cash especially when you lost your wallet like i did!

Such a helpless feeling when you don't have your wallet and all of your cash is trapped in these plastic things. To make matters worse it’s pouring and you need it to take your car out of the parking lot so you can get home! What a way to end the year, but wait there’s hope the banks are still open.

First bank entered– Bank of America

I enter Bank of America in LIC where this representative named Yessica politely greets me. You almost think it's going to be ok until she says sorry we are about to close and are no longer taking customers, so you will not get your temporary card today. I said can you please make an exception because I lost my wallet and I really need my bank card. Again she politely said no and then said, but you can get cash at the tellers. Mind you if I lost my wallet that may also mean I don’t have ID so I probably really needed to see a representative. So i waited on line as another customer and another customer walked into the bank. Fortunately my job was able to give me another ID, but the Yessica really didn’t know that. Finally when i got to the teller, I also explained the situation to her and stated that i was really hoping to get a card and that if they were closing they shouldn’t really allow more customers in. She said you don't have official ID so that’s why she didn’t attend to you. I said no i didn’t even get to discuss about the ID to her, but i will just go to my branch to get one. I got my cash and left with that feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Second Bank entered – TD Bank

Fortunately, just down the rainy streets was my other bank, TD Bank. As soon as i walked in the bank a gentleman in one of the front desks immediately greeted me with a welcoming smile. I told him my situation and showed him my ID. He said no worries i will get you one right away and he even made me feel better by telling me his story about when he lost all of his ID’s. He said he was lucky that he decided to get a passport because he used that to even get into the bars at the time. He made me laugh. I stated wow what a difference between your bank’s customer service and the Bank of America’s. He stated about how he was Pennsylvania and how customer service is super slow there. I have to say i felt better and how this man in this bank made me so much better, that walking back out into the rain didn’t seem so bad anymore.

Customer Service Review:

Bank of America: 2 stars

TD Bank: 5 stars