• Elsie Hernandez

The Lights Were Spectacular!

According to "Time Out New York", planning started 12 months ago and 250 individuals and more than 10,000 hours to create these amazing window displays presented by Saks Fifth Avenue. The theme this year is "Land of 1,000 Delights," in which the windows were displayed with tons of oversized colorful candy and Christmas characters. Everything surrounding New York is incredible. From the well lit hot dog carts, that also carry chestnuts, to all of the trees that are draped with tons of glistening lights. Christmas in my home town is definitely a sight to remember.

Early in the month Sky and I had the opportunity to admire some of the windows, along with thousands of other spectators. When you go see these displays it's important that you keep a close eye on your kid, because it really gets crowded and you can easily get absorbed into the scenery. Watching these windows were magical it was almost like watching an enchanting fairy tale, full of interesting characters. On our way home Sky and I had a little chat about how spectacular the lights were and how beautiful it all looked. I found it interesting how my adult opinion and her child opinion were different in a lot of ways.

Our review.

Elsie: I think this display was very creative and I love the idea of the giant head and the extra long eyelashes. Also the cake spinning was a little extra touch, especially when the unexpected surprise when the blonde doll appears inside the part of the sliced cake. Which also revealed the flavors of the cake through it's layers.

Sky: Sky found this window display creepy, especially when the gigantic head's eyes actually blinked.

Elsie: I agree with Sky on this one, there's something about the giant woman's huge hands and her opening her skirt that's kind of eerie.

Sky: Sky thinks this display is creepy too, because she has a pale face and the puppet is being pulled by strings and she finds that scary.

Let's just say I loved the window displays more than Sky. I'm not sure if it was targeted towards the children, but nevertheless the work created was amazing. However the displays below were her favorite. I guess the hairdos and fashion were more her thing. I find Skylar humorous when it comes to the things that she likes.