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"The World Inspires Me." says make-up artist Cherry Amador

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Fabulous is an understatement when you describe Make-up Artist Cherry Amador. I have never seen somebody so dedicated to being the greatest that she can be, all while being a great mom to her little girl Layla. She is just a free spirit, full of energy with the skills of a professional. With her sense of style and her captivating beauty, her talent speaks for itself. You can find Cherry at the MAC counter, on the main floor in the largest Macys in the world at Herald Square, or at a private event slaying the next person for their special occasion. SkysOcean loves the empowerment of women all around the world. The reason we love interviewing make-up artists like Cherry is because we love the fact that we can show everyone how doing makeup is an art and reveal the true beauty of the artist. (Photos are a courtesy of Cherry's Instagram)

Tell us a little bit about your background?

My parents are from Honduras, I was born and raised here in New York City in Bushwick, Brooklyn. When did you know you wanted to be a Makeup Artist.

I think that wanting to be a make-up artist, hit me sometime in High School. Around 2009, is when I really told myself, you know what I think I can do this. Also, receiving the compliments from my teachers and friends, who constantly told me that I do a great job with my own make-up and that I can probably make it a career choice. So, that was something that inspired me, but I was always very creative in artistry. As far as painting and drawing. So, I guess that's where that came from. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everyone. Anything can inspire me, it can be from colors. paintings, or people who are well spoken in art. So the world inspires you? The world inspires me, I guess.

Speaking of the world, with so much going on in this world, what beauty do you see in America today? I think, that the beauty that I see in America is the freedom of minds and thoughts. That’s the only thing I can probably say, having your own way of thinking and being able to spread your thoughts. That’s your own freedom. Do you have any other talents? I do like to paint. I think painting is my talent. What do you paint? I create paintings on canvases. It can be earthy things like the sky, the sea. Things like that I like to paint.

How do you feel that you connect to your clients, especially when you see them after a session with you?

I think that the connection that we have is mostly positive. Many have told me that they appreciate my patience, and my time given and they loved their makeup for the event. With so many makeup artists today, what makes you unique? I would say my patience, because every client is different. Yes, make-up artistry is trending as a career choice now, and our clients are make-up savvy as well. So they come to you with already knowing what they want. So, just delivering them what they ask for, but with my own style of artistry. Every make-up artist is different, and express themselves differently. Just reassuring the customers or clients, that they look great, also asking them or guiding them to what works for them. I often get, "Oh, you were right" responses or "I loved this".

What is life to you?

Can you be more specific?

Everyone seems to stumble on this questions, but you live it, so it's with you.

Life is beautiful, life is what you make of it. The way you see things can be both in a positive or negative perspective, but I do truly believe that you make the way your life goes by. Nobody is going to save you, if you want something you have to pursue that and do whatever it takes to meet your goals. Doing what you know is right, not everything that other people think is right, may be right for you. I don’t really know how to break that down, or explain it, but be your true self and find your peace. Protect your inner peace.

What are three things that you can’t live without in your bag?

1. Strobe cream (it’s a moisturizer highlighter that gives a dewy skin finish) made by MAC

2. A clear lip gloss

3. Face & body foundation with sheer coverage. Made by MAC

Do you have any future projects, is there anything new we should look out for?

I feel like my next thing would probably more artistic. Not necessarily in makeup, but possibly with painting, music, or maybe another project. For the moment I’m not sure, but I would love to grow, as far as like participating and being a part of movie gigs, or maybe special affects makeup. Something that sounds fun and interesting. Who's your favorite makeup artist? I don’t think I have favorites, everyone is great.

If opportunity knocked, which celebrity would you love to beat. That’s a good question I don't know that’s tough, like I would love to do everyone's makeup.

We loved this interview! Cherry is amazing and available for hire for any occasion and of course you can also find her at the MAC counter in Macys Herald Square. Please don't forget to subscribe to SkysOcean (just click on the star), we appreciate the support. Also follow us on Instagram skysocean1 and our SkysOcean facebook page.

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