• Elsie Hernandez

Vendor Trucks Popping Up Everywhere In New York City

Growing up in New York City, I don’t remember seeing so many vendor trucks like there are today. Apparently these trucks are doing bigger things and are finding an easier ways to start a business, rather than renting a store front at New York's high rising real estate prices. I’m actually considering investing in one myself, but that’s another blog. I say this, because the other morning as I was driving to work I couldn’t take my eyes off this awesome truck. The truck was open on each side for viewing and displayed some great antique oversized figures. My favorite was the lion roaring in the back facing me. I was curious to know what this truck was about and with a little research on the internet, I discovered that the truck belongs to this awesome company called the “Olde Good Things”, in which they restore antiques. What a fascinating way to bring in customers! Kudos to this company.

This isn't the first time Sky and I have experienced seeing these trucks. One time during the summer we decided to take a stroll through the SOHO streets in NY, and we discovered many interesting things that day. One of the few things was the many parked vendor trucks, running their businesses for the day. One truck called "Dressmarket" was converted into a mini boutique filled with one of a kind designs and a dressing room, owned by a woman designer.

These trucks are all over the city, with real estate rentals being so high people are starting to think out of the box and are becoming super creative with their businesses. I’ve seen chefs, designers, pet groomers, florist, and much more. With so many trucks what does that say for the real old timers that still have their little carts or the ice cream trucks that have been around since the early 1900’s. I remember growing up getting slushy ices from the "Piragua man". My parents are originally from Puerto Rico so some of those traditions were brought to our neighborhoods straight from the island. I don't think anyone can ever replace the "Piragua Men".

I honestly think it’s great that we have all of these new upgraded trucks owned by dedicated entrepreneurs. However, it’s a bitter sweet experience when you see some of the traditional ones fading away in New York City. Yet, they aren’t going down without a fight, many wake up early to beat the clock and arrive early at their site and still have lines of loyal customers. Some have even continued to make their carts into a franchise. The funny thing is without realizing it my Skylar at the age of five noticed the difference right away, between a New York pretzel and a gourmet version of the pretzel sold by the newer carts. New Yorker's will always know the difference.

Food carts aren't only popular in New York, as a matter of fact the history goes way back to when they started and have been in existence all around the world.

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