• Elsie Hernandez

We love the Zoo!

Every time we enter the the Bronx Zoo in New York City, we find so much to talk about. We enjoy meeting the beautiful animals and sometimes if we are lucky we get to see a little bit of their personalities. Those are the most exciting moments that you can never get back. You need to experience this adventure.

These huge turtles were fun to watch swimming.

Fun fact: Turtles are reptiles. Turtles have existed for around 215 million years.

Watching the Gorillas have an interesting way of connecting with one another.

Fun Fact: Gorillas have unique nose prints, much like human fingerprints, which can be used to identify individuals.

The Bron Zoo is full of many surprises, you experience is different every time you visit. One added bonus is the Bug Carousel. We had loads of fun on this ride.

Butterfly kaleidoscope. The funny thing about this exhibit was that before entering Sky couldn't stop complaining about how boring it was going to be. To her surprise the instant that we stepped in the space it felt so magical for the both of us. Beautiful butterflies flying freely around us.

Fun Fact: A person who collects and studies butterflies is called a lepidopterist.

Of course we couldn’t miss my favorite, the Polar Bear. This guy was nothing like the couple I used to visit at the Central Park Zoo. However, he seemed to enjoy his outdoor time solo. Fun fact: Around the age of four or five the female polar bear can start having babies. They usually only have two cubs and they have these babies in a cave they've dug in a large snow drift. They stay there over winter and come out in spring with the babies. The babies are much smaller than human babies when they're born. They are the size of a rat and weigh little more than a pound. They can grow to full man size in a year if they have lots of food.


This little guy does exactly what cats like to do, relax.

Fun Fact: Black Panther's can run 36 miles per minute.

Other animals that live in the Bronx Zoo.

We love this zoo! When you get a chance you should go on this mini adventure. The animals speak for themselves. The whole family will enjoy this time like Sky and I always do. Thanks for passing by! Please don't forget to subscribe to our website. We don't spam!

Also if you get a chance become a member of the Wildlife Conservative Society it really is worth it. You get a great value for your money and will always have a great experience.

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