• Elsie Hernandez

Why I Love Weddings

Why I love Weddings.

Since I was a little girl, I can remember how much I would gaze at couples getting married. I can honestly relate to the movie “The Wedding Planner”, because like in the movie I was that same little girl pretending to plan a wedding day. I was seven years old, when I first experienced the magic of a wedding. My older cousin Katherine was getting married and I was to be the flower girl. One of the most exciting days of my childhood, I can still remember how happy I was to be able to hold a bouquet and dress in a beautiful white dress like the bride. Little did I know, that, that was probably the only time I was ever going to dress like a bride again, because as much as I love weddings I never really had one of my own. However, that does not take away the love I have for weddings and the meaning behind these fabulous celebrations. When I was about 12 years old the opportunity as a little girl came along again, but this cousin was was adamant of not having me participate in her wedding at all. I laugh about that today. Again, that didn't stop my love for the occasion and when the day came, I can still remember the excitement as if it was yesterday, I followed the photographer around while he photographed the guest. It turns out, that on that day I discovered my talent and photographed my very first wedding with the 110 camera my mother bought me. Yes, for the younger folks, one of those cameras that needed a cube for the flash unit. My mother also bought me this beautiful dress, that had a pleated rainbow across it. I couldn't help, but smiling and dancing all through the day. Weddings have always made my heart happy. Since then, I must’ve been a bridesmaid at least seven times, coordinated dozens and was fortunate enough to be the Maid of Honor to my best friend Amy and her husband Alan's wedding. I’ve also photographed many weddings since that first wedding. Oh, and let's not forget, I am also a Marriage Officiant. I have always been honored.

Well why do I love wedding so much you ask?

What's not to love?

1. The celebration comes from a love story that has come to life, of a couple joining

together allowing everyone to witness their union.

I often hear people complain at how expensive it is and how it’s such a burden. Blah blah blah, it’s what you make it. Big or small they are all beautiful and unique.

2. Weddings are sacred. It's like looking out the window and watching flowers grow. They

believe in each other and with that comes family.

3. Full of a lot of love and emotion. With great people your wedding can turn out to be the

best celebration of your life. I’ve seen the good and the bad and I’ve been on both

sides. As a wedding planner, as a bridesmaid, flower girl, maid of honor, marriage officiant, photographer. I have experienced practically every angle of a wedding.

4. Dancing all night long. Yes the excitement of everyone coming together on the dance

floor. The laughter of family and friends and the sound of the of the music that travels

through the entire room, unforgettable.

5. The church ceremony. With the spiritual music flowing, how could you not feel touched.

Sometimes you get a bonus when someone sings beautifully. I get lost into the awe of

moment. This is where the real magic happens. Where the whole wedding comes

together. The gentle walk down the aisle, where the father gives away the bride, the

vows are revealed, the big kiss is ignited, the beauty of the veil and the dress sparkles,

the gorgeous flowers brighten, the tears of joy are falling, outside the limousine or the

white car awaits and of course my lifetime favorite and almost always my job, the

photography that freezes the moment.

Of course every event has it's surprises and it’s always fun to see. Big or small, it’s doesn’t matter what people think they will always be beautiful to me.