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"your home is a reflection of you, Once you put your style into it, you feel better" julie rodriguez

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

When it comes to style some people are just born with it and Julie Rodriguez, Interior/Home designer is definitely an interior/home decorating genius. Her décor is so amazing that she was featured on two well known decorating companies on social media, Ross Dress for Less and Zgallerie. Julie adds that unique flair and glamour to her designs and sees the potential in every room. What a pleasure it was for SkysOcean to interview someone that is so sweet and passionate about life! Photos are from Julie's Instagram.

When do you think you discovered your talent?

About a year ago when I renovated my home. Yeah, I have always loved decorating, but there's something different from renting, to owning your own home.

What’s the difference?

Having my own home, we were able to change the architect of the kitchen to my style and we also changed a few of the other rooms.

It's beautiful, and I notice you use a lot of white in your décor.

Yes, I like using neutral colors, because you can always change the look with a pop of color in the décor and actually make It look like a new room without spending so much money.

That makes sense and it’s a great tip.

Can you think of a childhood memory that can translate into your life today?

When I was little I used to love to play house with my Barbie dolls and so I think I was always into wanting to change stuff in a room or just anywhere. I think my passion has come out more by owning my home, because I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know exactly how to start. I also started going on social media and connecting with the home design community. Where I started getting ideas on how to put stuff together and discovered that I’m great at it. Growing up my mom always had to have everything spectacular. Like everything had to be on point.

I think I visited you guys one time, when I was younger, my sister was friends with your older sister and I think you ladies had like hundreds of Barbie dolls hanging on the top border of the walls in your room. Really the only reason I remember that visit.

Oh, my God, yes! Barbie dolls, Skippie sneakers and porcelain dolls. Once we played with them we had to hang them back up. Everybody remembers those dolls.

That’s such a great connection you have with you sisters, right?


What’s the room that you enjoy decorating the most?

My dining room.

What kind of designs do you create in this room?

I usually change it seasonal. I think it's because I like to make it more cozy, because that's where we sit together.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I learned a few things from Juliette Simply Love and I think that looking at her stuff kind of helped me find my own style.

Your designs are gorgeous. Recently you were featured in "Ross Dress for Less" and "Zgallerie", clearly they agree, why do you think your work draws attention?

I think it’s because it’s more than neutral. I know a lot of people love gold. Like the very bright golds and the reds and the blues. I love it, but I love it in someone else’s home. I love the more neutral tones. I don't know, maybe it’s because I have older kids and I'm more comfortable that things aren't going to get messy, but I just love neutral decor. I draw the attention first with the neutral palette and then the pop of color. Rather than the pop of color in everything, which kind of makes it look like clutter.

Do you think keeping it simple is best?

I actually think keeping it simple is the way to go. I think, especially with pictures that we post on social media, I think that when you keep it simple something in that picture is going to draw the person’s eye and that’s going to get there attention. Compare to if it's too busy, I feel like everybody is like, what am I looking at. You have too much going on.

So, you don’t put frames on the walls and things like that?

I have, some family pictures on my wall. In my dining room, I have like three things on the wall. I don’t have too much on my walls. I think it’s because growing up my mom always had stuff on the walls. So, I don’t want my walls to look like that. So, I keep it more simple, wall wise. I would rather decorate my dining table, my buffet or my counters.

How do you know when a home design is good? What makes you say wow? How do you think when you walk inside a room do you critique the room in your mind. Do you think that they owned it or not?

I actually do, but I don’t know what possesses me to think that way. There are times when I can walk into a room and I think, oh my God, I can do so much with this space. However, a lot of times I fall in love with one piece or just everything. It’s hard to explain to be honest. At least for me.

No, I understand because I’m a photographer, and usually our creativity makes us think a certain way.

What are the first questions that you would ask a client?

I usually ask what’s their style, what is their vision for their home. What kind of palette do they prefer? So I can help them bring it to life. I’m still new to the home décor industry, so I’m still learning as I go along.

What is life to you?

I live by, we only live once, so do whatever makes you happy. People are going to criticize, but do what makes you happy, not your significant other, your children, your friends or family, but what makes you happy.

How has this pandemic changed your way of decorating?

Honestly it hasn’t. I think what’s helped me during this time is keeping busy and rearranging stuff just to make it different, but I do like to shop my home a lot. You can have a lot or a little décor in your home, but it’s the way you arrange it that can make it look brand new again. So, I think that’s what gets me through this whole pandemic. I’m a custodian, so I have worked during this time. So, my life hasn’t changed. Work is actually the same, we do clean more, but my daily life hasn't changed much, besides places closing down.

So, there’s a connection with your actual job life along with your talent for decorating?

Yes, indirectly there is a connection. I was always into decorating, but I think I became more passionate when I bought my home. I love walking into my home and feeling that warm feeling.

What’s your personal style like?

To me I love rustic and French glam, but I’m not sure that’s what people are seeing in my images. However, I don’t have much rustic in my home.

What do you think about today’s decorating style? What’s loss in the style of decorating? Do you think people have loss interest in decorating?

I think a lot of people’s problem is that they don’t like cleaning. They say, the more I decorate, the more I have to clean. To be honest, I feel like that’s true. Obviously, if you have more then you have to deep clean. It does take a lot , but I don’t think a lot of people realize that once you make your home...., and your home is a reflection of you. Once you put your style into it, you do feel better. I don’t know, I love when people give me compliments on my house. I just love the feeling of walking in and..... I don’t have much money, but me doing the things that I love and bringing my vision to life makes me feel rich. If that makes sense.

SkyOcean's Quick 5 questions.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

To be invisible.

Where’s your favorite place in the universe?

I don't have a specific place.

Chocolate or vanilla?


Worse place to get lost?

The woods.

Best place you have traveled to?


Your favorite candy?

Peanut Chews

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